Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review: SOYJOY Dark Chocolate Cherry Baked Whole Soy & Fruit Bar

When some people here the word soy, it certainly does not bring them joy.  For me, it's not so bad.  I sometimes get joy from soy and I've done that before in some of my SOYJOY reviews.  Okay, okay...I know that was corny, lame, awful or whatever other adjective you want to use to describe that opening.  I should be ashamed of something like that, but since I have no shame, I'm okay with it.  Shamelessness aside, I picked up this new SOYJOY Dark Chocolate Cherry Baked Whole Soy & Fruit Bar on sale at my local Marsh for $1.00 and each bar is 1.05 ounces with 140 calories and five grams of protein.

When I took this out of the wrapper, the first and most obvious observation that I had on this bar was that it was darker colored than all of the other SOYJOY bars that I've tried out.  This was for obvious reasons since it is dark chocolate based and not only did was this darker colored, but it gave off a strong scent of dark chocolate as well.  Within that dark chocolate baked bar was a smattering of dried fruits such as the named cherries, but also raisins and cranberries.  The mysterious inclusion of cranberries in seemingly all of these bars now is starting to amuse me.  Who knew they were such a versatile dried fruit?  There were also some decent-sized dark chocolate chunks in that mix as well.  As for the baked portion of this bar, one observation that I had was that this bar seemed denser than some of the other baked SOYJOY bars, so that was definitely different.

After I took my first bite, the inclusion of dark chocolate flavoring was obvious, if it wasn't already just based on the physical appearance.  That dark chocolate flavor was quite strong in this bar and it was somewhat bitter with very little, if any, sweetness to it.  The dried fruits were supposed to provide that sweetness, but they didn't exactly do the best job of that since that sweetness and/or tang did not hit until well after the initial taste punch and it was only a faint flavor at the end of each bite.  The dark chocolate bitterness just overran this bar and the sweetness/tang was not strong enough to tame that even in the slightest bit.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I can enjoy dark chocolate if it has a faint hint of sweetness or there is another component that comes to the table strong enough to counteract that bitterness.  This bar did not have that and the bitterness took over the bar and made it not enjoyable for me, so it gets a FLY BY IT rating in my book.  Now, if you enjoy dark chocolate and its bitterness, than you will probably find this bar enjoyable.  That just wasn't what happened in my case though as this bitterness was just too much for me.


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