Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review: Kozy Shack Crème Caramel Flan

Today's review is of a product that I've seen multiple times in the grocery store but have always been a bit hesitant to try.  I've had flan before and it was okay, but I was never sure how that would translate into a pre-packaged product that I could find in the dairy case at the store.  With that, I decided to embark on another Kozy Shack review when I saw this Kozy Shack Crème Caramel Flan on sale at $2.50 for a four pack at my local Meijer.  Each cup in the four pack is four ounces and each cup consists of 140 calories.

From a visual perspective in the packaging as you can see in the first photo in this review, this is kind of attractive.  It's the egg-y custard sitting on top of the caramel sauce.  Obviously, based on the packaging they intend for you to flip this one over, but since I'm a dope, I chose to just eat it with a spoon out of the cup and make sure that I mixed the ingredients together with each spoonful.  One thing I will note is that while this cup may have looked quite attractive in its packaging, it was borderline horrifying once I tore off the lid.  The custard was almost JELL-O like in its consistency, which is fine since that's what flan is, but it was still kind of concerning to me.  What was truly concerning though was the caramel sauce...it was pure brown water.  It smelled like caramel, but it's consistency was nothing like the gooey caramel that I've become used to in my life.  As you can see in the picture above, the caramel pooled up like a puddle of water in the cup.  To say I was disappointed (and somewhat horrified) by that would be the understatement of the century.

So, as I took my first spoonful, I paid particular attention to getting a spoonful of both the flan and the caramel "sauce" (water).  Again, while the caramel did have a decent caramel flavor that was almost pancake syrup like, the fact that it was so watery was a turn-off.  As for the flan, well, it was just weird.  I love custard and products of the like, but there was just something about this custard that was off.  Also, the caramel sauce added an additional flavor to it that just did not mix well.  I kept spooning through the entire cup hoping that perhaps that it was just me and not the flan, but that never happened and I eventually ended up not finishing because I was so put off by the oddly tasting flan and the totally watery caramel.

Buy It or Fly By It?  The only thing that I can honestly say that Kozy Shack succeeded with here was that the flan consistency was synonymous with the flans that I've had in my life.  Other than that, the remainder of this package with the caramel sauce and the taste of both the flan and syrup was just not good.  For that, I give this a FLY BY IT rating.  Perhaps there are people out there that will find this enjoyable, but one of those people is not me.



  1. Did you notice a soda-ish almost fizzyness to the caramel?

    1. My wasn't really fizzy, it was just watery. Regardless, everything about this product was just weird and not good.

    2. The fizziness is fermentation. The stuff has been spoiling this summer, under refrigeration and well before its use-by date. The top cover swells upward, always a bad sign (carbon dioxide released by the bacteria or yeast). I don't think it will kill you, but I have been discarding these. Try Goya, or make your own.

  2. the caramel sauce is supposed to be watery

  3. Omg this review is on point! This stuff was horrific.


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