Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review: Kemp's Low Fat Black Jack Cherry Frozen Yogurt

A long ago on the blog, I reviewed a Kemp's frozen yogurt product.  Being that I was incredibly unimpressed by its taste and the fact that I was also unimpressed by its cost, I was in no hurry to pick up another container.  Recently though,  I was going through my Sunday paper and saw a coupon for Kemp's in the coupon insert in the paper and since coupons cure all ill will in my mind, I was ready to take another dive into reviewing a Kemp's product on the blog.  It certainly didn't help that Kroger had this Kemp's Low Fat Black Jack Cherry Frozen Yogurt on sale for $3.50 for a 1.5 quart container, so after my coupon, I got it for a bargain basement cost of $2.50.  You really can't beat that, so I excitedly grabbed it out of the freezer case. Each half-cup serving in this container (there are twelve) is only 110 calories, so it's very, very economical on that front too.  Sale price, coupon and low calorie...score one for the Crazy Food Dude!

As you can see, there's several components to this container of frozen yogurt.  First, there's the cherry frozen yogurt.  Also in the container are several chunks of supple black cherries (some were broken up and some were enormous and full) and also many chocolate chunks.  Cherries and chocolate...yum.  The container also had a mild smell of cherry, so just based on smell alone, this was definitely pleasing.  It was frozen yogurt though, so it wasn't as creamy as typical ice cream, despite what the container implied.  Still, it wasn't bad compared to some of the other frozen yogurts I've had, so when you use that as your comparison, I guess this was smooth and creamy.

I would say that the taste was much like the smell in that it was pleasing, but not overly potent.  The cherry flavored yogurt itself was mild with a hint of sweetness.  There was a bit more tang and sweetness brought in from the cherries themselves, when you encountered them (especially the giant and full ones), and that added some additional pop to the mildness of the cherry yogurt itself, which was good because it needed it.  The chocolate chunks brought in an almost decadent quality as they not only brought sweetness but also either added crunch or melted in my mouth, depending on how long it sat there.  Anyway I looked at it though, it was just what the doctor ordered and the chocolate and cherry mix of flavors is quickly becoming one of my favorite frozen dessert combinations.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This frozen yogurt achieved a good balance of both being sweet and mild at the same time, which led to a very pleasant flavor and for that reason, I give this a BUY IT rating.  After my last review that had such an underwhelming outcome, I was in no hurry to grab another Kemp's product.  After this one, I don't think I'll take so long to pick another one up as this one had quite a positive experience.  Of course, if they keep those coupons coming, I'll pick one up even sooner!


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