Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review: Fiber One Protein Coconut Almond Chewy Bars

Who doesn't need a little protein or fiber in their life? Apparently General Mills caught onto that and decided to put out a line of bars that would cover you on both with these Fiber One Protein bars, some of which I've reviewed previously. I like having both of these things in my life, so due to that, I'm led to this review of the Fiber One Protein Coconut Almond Chewy Bars. I picked up a box of five of these on sale at Marsh for $2.99 and each bar in the box is 1.17 ounces and has 140 calories and six grams of protein, which is not a ton for something that bills itself as a protein bar. This bar does have twenty percent of your daily fiber allowance though, so that is a lot.

As you can see at first glance both on the box and my glamour shot, this bar is encased in a thick chocolate layer. Inside of that chocolate layer is a typical rice crisp mix that is blended with a very handsome amount of shredded coconut shards and some good-sized almond chunks. In terms of all the promised ingredients, this bar was definitely not shy. It also carried a strong aroma of coconut as well.

After I took my first bite, I noticed that coconut aroma was a harbinger of thing to come as this had a strong coconut flavor to go along with that smell. It was also quite a chewy bar, as the name implied, but one kind of neat thing was the occasional pop brought on by the almond pieces. It broke up what could have been a monotonous and boring chew. As for the chocolate, it only brought very weak flavor to the table and in my estimation, was only there to coat the rest of the favors and provide a different mouthfeel. It didn't bring any additional sweetness, but it really didn't need to because the ample coconut flavor more than took care of that.

Buy It or Fly By It? There's nothing great about this bar, so this ultimately comes down to how you feel about coconut because that's what this bar is all about. I know there are many people out there that do not enjoy that flavor, but since I do, I give this a BUY IT rating. If you feel the same way about coconut as I do, you'll probably enjoy this bar and while you do, you'll also get a large dose of fiber and a modest dose of protein in the process.


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  1. I liked this bar also, but I thought the caramel nut flavor was a healthier snickers.


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