Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review: Chobani flip Almond Coco Loco Greek Yogurt

I was just thinking prior to writing this post how much tastes change over the course of a lifetime.  The reason I was thinking of that is up until about two years ago, I could not stand foods that were coconut flavored.  In the past couple years, I've gone from just testing to coconut to now actively seeking it out.  In fact, I'd say that I love coconut flavored products and more and more of them have been popping up in the blog recently.  With that, I'm led to another Chobani review with their entry into the choose your own adventure yogurt market (along with Muller, etc.) with this Chobani flip Almond Coco Loco Greek Yogurt.  I got this one on sale at Meijer for $1.00 and each double-compartment cup is 5.3 ounces and 230 calories with twelve grams of protein.  It's made with natural ingredients as well.

I dub these choose your own adventure products because they give you the option of how you want to enjoy the product.  For example, do you want to eat the two thing separately?  Or do you want to just mix everything together?  Or do you want to just dump the toppings on top of the Greek yogurt and attack it that way?  It's all your call and for Chobani, they've decided to let you flip up the topping partition (if you so choose) to add in the plethora of dark chocolate chips and toasted almonds to the already strongly smelling coconut Greek yogurt.  For the picture above, I obviously kept them separate.

To taste this though, I flipped the lid and mixed the two batches of ingredients together and what I got was a pretty tasty package.  The flavor of the Greek yogurt itself had a surprisingly strong coconut presence and the sweetness from that coconut flavor did a more than ample job of cancelling out the typical tartness of Greek yogurt.  The yogurt itself was moderately creamy as well, although if memory serves me correctly, it was a bit "looser" than most Chobani Greek yogurts.  They add-ins were about as anyone could expect in that they brought a different texture to each spoonful and added a crunch that would not have ordinarily been present.  The dark chocolate chips on their own did not have much flavor, but they did melt in my mouth to provide a melty-type topping to the Greek yogurt and toasted almonds.  The toasted almonds didn't really have flavor, but their crunch did make this one a fun container to plow through.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I may be overrating this a bit because I've developed such a voracious appetite for coconut, but I give this an exceptionally strong BUY IT rating.  I thoroughly enjoyed this (it was a flip!) and I think any coco-nut (or loco person) like myself would feel the same way.  As always, if you are not loco for coco(nut), you probably should stay away.



  1. I totally love this variety!!!

    I wish Chobani produces a straight coconut flavor cup.

    The key lime flavor is amazing because it tastes almost like a slice of key lime pie without all the guilt!!!

    1. I agree, a coconut flavored yogurt alone would be an awesome addition their product catalog. Perhaps they'll consider it!

    2. From what I can tell they are!! I actually emailed them last week asking about it and they said they would suggest and mailed coupons. I just found a blog post from a person that recieved 4 new super secret flavors and coconut was one. I totally agree with you on the yogurt being looser. I actually had this same flavor 3 states away on vacation and I noticed the yogurt was different. Thicker and lighter in flavor- more like what I expect greek yogurt to be. I like them both so I am not complaining! LOL

    3. Tried the coconut! It's ah-maz-inggg !

  2. I am addicted to the Almond CocoLoco and went bought 20 of them, BUT they don't taste the same! The yogurt is not as sweet and I don't taste any coconut in them. Do I have a bad batch or something?

  3. The almonds and chocolate are more sugary now to hide the fact that the chocolate tastes less chocolaty now.

  4. I'm so high I googled reviews for this because I thought other people in the world has to love this as much as I do. And look, you do!

  5. Chobani does make a coconut stand alone yogurt. It's delicious..


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