Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Review: thinkThin Crunch White Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts Bar

Previously on the blog (Did that read like a television show intro to "Lost" or something like that?  That's the way it sounded in my head.), I've tried a couple of thinkThin bars and found them to be average or boring and was in no rush to review some of the other favors in my local Kroger. But on a recent visit, I saw an entire new product line named "Crunch" and based on appearance alone, these looked right up my alley as they were filled with nuts, thus Crunch (DUH!). My love of crunch caused me to snatch a couple of these up for reviews and that leads to this review of the thinkThin Crunch White Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts Bar. This was $1.25, 1.41 ounces, 190 calories and had eight grams of protein. The wrapper dubbed this as "Wholesome Abundance", which means it was heavy on fiber, etc.

Since this came with a partially clear wrapper, there wasn't a whole lot of mystery involved here, which actually probably aided my desire to purchase this. After I saw the abundance and largesse of the mixed nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashews), I was definitely developing a hankering for this.   After unwrapping, the strong peanut smell made me want it even more. The dipped portion of the bar involved the whit chocolate that formed the base of the bar. It wasn't overly thick, but it definitely held its own and did the trick.  In addition to the nuts, the bulk of the bar was made of the typical soy crisps and syrups, which in this case, were especially sticky.

The name of this product certainly wasn't lying because after one bite, I was loving the crunch of this.  The large peanuts and cashews were the most prevalent with the peanuts taking the lead in flavor.  Because there were so many nuts in this bar, it had a definite salty skew to it.  The old sweetness in the bar came from the white chocolate, of course, but it wasn't particularly strong.  It was more of just a cap to the salty nuts.  I would have liked a bit more sweetness from the white chocolate as it coated the salty nuts, but what I got was enough and wanting more was just a matter of personal preference.  That said, the salt factor was surprising, so be prepared for that.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Like I said in the intro, just the design of this bar was right up my alley and I can say that about the flavor too, so this gets a BUY IT rating.  I absolutely loved the crunch of this bar and while I wished the white chocolate had been stronger, it did more than enough to make this a very tasty bar and I can't compliment thinkThin enough on this one.  I've got another one of these Crunch bars left to try and after  having this one, I'm very anxious to give it a shot.


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