Friday, April 19, 2013

Review: Haagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato

Haagen-Dazs has been doing no favors to my waistline, but in honor of my dear readers (that's you), I'm plodding on with yet another review to add to this week's theme.  As with before, I picked up this fourteen ounce container of Haagen-Dazs Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato at a ridicuously awesome sale price at Kroger for $2.49.  As usual, this container has 3.5 half-cup sized servings and each serving of gelato checks in at 240 calories.  For those of you that are unaware what Amaretto is, it's an almond-flavored Italian liqueur.  Almonds...yum.

As you can see, this container of gelato carries the dark reddish/purplish hue of black cherries.  When I dug my spoon in a little deeper before the above picture, I was met with that whopper of a black cherry.  After seeing that, I knew had I had to whip out my trusty iPhone and snap that one for your (and my) visual enjoyment.  While the container wasn't filled with a lot of whoppers like that, there were many smaller black cherries spread throughout, so that was a nice touch.  The gelato itself had a mild smell of cherries and the amaretto brought that slight almond smell to it that I seem to find in so many of the products that I end up reviewing on the blog.  As with most gelato products, the texture of this was extremely smooth and I knew that I'd have no problems pulling out a spoonful (or many spoonfuls).

After my first spoonful, I was struck by how pleasant the black cherry flavor was.  It had a mild degree of tartness and sweetness, but anything that might have caused those flavors to overtake the spoonful was muted by the Amaretto liqueur.  In fact, that tameness brought on by the liqueur gave this a borderline decadent taste and this really wasn't too sweet at all and after going in thinking my teeth would be rattling, I very much enjoyed how smooth and mild this was.  In fact, I enjoyed it for spoonful after spoonful and ended up devouring a lot more of this container than I had originally intended.  Thankfully I didn't knock it all out, but that's how pleasing this flavor can can transport you to a land where you just sit there and absentmindedly dig away.  What also made this nice were the occasional cherries that were encountered because they gave a bit of chew and textural breakup to the smooth and fluffy gelato.  They also added a bit more of intense sweet and tangy cherry flavor to break up the tameness of the gelato itself as that was occasionally needed to avoid flavor monotony.

Buy It or Fly By It?  While I was eating this, it was almost like a peaceful dream in that every single spoonful was so smooth and mild.  It had just the right amount of sweetness to make sure that I knew I was eating a dessert treat, but it wasn't enough that it would just take over all your senses.  Maybe the liqueur had more of a mind-numbing effect on  me than I thought.  Ha!  Anyway, a peaceful dream always get a BUY IT rating and so does this container of gelato.  Just another mild and pleasing winner from Haagen-Dazs with their gelato line and frankly, this is becoming a recurring theme.  Have you noticed?

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