Friday, March 15, 2013

Review: Walden Farms French Onion Dip

If you've spent any time reading this blog, you'd know that it is no secret that I have written a lot of reviews on Walden Farms products.  What can I say...I love the whole idea of calorie free foods, although that may not be 100% truthful.  Regardless, my quest for more and more calorie free foods led me to make another order from where I picked up this jar of Walden Farms French Onion Dip for $3.99.  It's twelve ounces and is of course calorie free.  I can say though that a product modeling itself after a dip that is a party mainstay makes me exceptionally curious to try it out.

So how many ways can you spell boredom?  I'm not sure, but when I opened this up, that's all I felt.  If you look above, all you'll see is a jar full of semi-creamy tan product.  That's it.  It did smell A BIT like French Onion Dip, but it was basically just a jar of nothingness, so I'm not going to waste another sentence on describing its taste or smell.

As a child, you are taught that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.  As a person who writes reviews of food products, I don't have the luxury of living by that axiom.  Because of that, I think I'll have to describe the taste of this and I think I can do that in one word:  awful.  This tasted like an acidic mix of something that faintly resembled French Onion dip.  It was moderately thick, which makes for a nice dip, but the taste was so overwhelmingly acidic and awful that it made me gag.  Like I said, there was a faint reminder of French Onion dip, but that wasn't until the end when of each taste.  Of course, that would hit you after you had fought off your gag reflex after eating this.  Just horrible.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I think it's pretty obvious that this one gets a FLY BY IT rating.  Walden Farms has a lot of hits, but they also have a lot of misses as well and this is one of those misses...and it's a BIG miss.  This is honestly the second worst Walden Farms product I've ever had outside of their ketchup.  Just bad, bad, bad.  That's a shame too because it would be nice to have a zero calorie (wink, wink) alternative to a party favorite dip that in its regular form is far from healthy.



  1. Since you've had almost all the WF products, mind doing a little rankings recap of them?

    1. I'm typically not the type of person that likes to rank things (and that's not the purpose of this site), so that's not something that I can do. What I can do is point you toward all the Walden Farms reviews that I have done at:


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