Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates Caramel Candy

On a Skinny Cow product buying spree after some recent positive reviews, I knew I had to keep trying flavors from their Divine Filled Chocolates product line, especially since they had one key advantage going for them:  they were on sale.  So, my obsession with sales led me to pick up this box of Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates Caramel Candy at Meijer on sale for $3.50.  Each box contains six packs of candy and each pack has three candy pieces and comes in at one ounce per package.  Also, each package has 130 calories and rates as a four on the Weight Watchers Points Plus scale.

Externally, these are exactly like the last Divine Filled Chocolates candy that I tried out.  They are made up of a strong smelling and hard feeling chocolate with some "pretty" Skinny Cow monogrammed etchings in the face of the chocolate.  Being the brainiac that I am, I took the picture upside down.  Oops.  Anyway, breaking in the candy in half for the photo above, the filling almost the same, which I would have also expected.  The key differences though were obviously a the flavor, which in this case was a strong and sweet smelling caramel and the fact that this caramel seemed to be more sticky and less fluid than the Peanut Butter Creme from the last candy that I tried out.

As I chomped into my first candy piece, the chocolate was identical to before.  It was thick, rich and very sweet.  If you are a sweet chocolate lover, this is right up your alley and since I definitely am that, I very much enjoyed that taste.  The caramel taste was also quite sweet and while it was stickier than the creme filling from the prior review, it still had a "melt in your mouth" quality to it that pretty much defined decadence when mixed with the sweet chocolate.  The caramel flavor itself just added to that sweet chocolate as well because it was also quite sweet.  One thing I will say about each of these candies is that they are so sweet that they are going to make your teeth rattle and almost make them hurt.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I'm always (okay, maybe not always, but definitely most of the time) looking for something overly sweet and this definitely fits the bill of that and because of that, it gets a BUY IT rating.  It's sweet, rich and decadent...all the marks of a good candy treat.  If things that are not massively sweet are not up your alley or you aren't feeling that craving, this is probably not your best option and you should keep that in mind and reach for something else.


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