Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review: Quaker Cinnamon Pecan Bread Soft Baked Bars

My local grocer Marsh must have bought stock in the Quaker Oats company recently because they were running an absurd sale where they had all Quaker products on sale with some of them even at rock bottom prices.  I picked up a lot of previously reviewed items in that sale and one of the items I picked up and haven't reviewed yet was a box of these Quaker Cinnamon Pecan Bread Soft Baked Bars.  This wasn't at rock bottom prices, but it did have a sale price of $2.99 for a box of five bars.  Each bar in the box comes in at 1.48 ounces and has 140 calories and six grams of protein, along with five grams of fiber.  Quaker says that you can eat these at room temperature or for an added treat, they recommend that you throw it in the microwave for ten seconds or so to get a warm, "baked" feeling to the bar.

I'm a follower and took Quaker's recommendation and threw this in microwave for ten seconds and perhaps my microwave isn't nuclear like the ones in the Quaker food labs, because ten seconds only made this look warm.  I threw it in for another ten seconds and finally I took it out and got a nice warm bar.  As for the bar itself, they clearly are modeling this after a decadent cinnamon roll as the first thing you notice after taking this out of the box is that it looks like a cinnamon roll (it has clear packaging), with the only difference being that it is a rectangular shape.  The bar is a typical bread-like bar with a mix of oat crisps, raisins and pecans baked into the bread mix of the bar.  The bar is then topped with vanilla icing and I was able to notice that without taking it out of the wrapper.  Pretty observant of me, eh?  Anyway, once I took this out of the wrapper, I was hit with the strong and wonderful scent of cinnamon and noted that not only did this look like a cinnamon roll, it certainly smelled and felt soft like one too.  In terms of their presentation, Quaker hit it out of the park with this in nearly re-creating the very unhealthy cinnamon roll, albeit with a few minor tweaks.

As I bit into the warm bar, I was immediately transported into cinnamon roll heaven.  The cinnamon flavor was prevalent, but not overpowering and the bar itself provided the necessary amount of soft and doughy chew that you would get in a cinnamon roll, although it was slightly drier since it was not loaded down with butter, etc. like your usual cinnamon roll would be.  The icing itself made this dryness a little less prevalent but it made it nearly as decadent as a cinnamon roll as it added a sweet punch to the mild heat of the cinnamon spice.  The nuts and oat crisps added a nice crunch to this to break up the soft chew of the bar itself and then the raisins added a little more hint of sweetness, along with something extra to chew on.  As I made my way through this, it generally melted in my mouth in a total package of gooey and soft decadence and really, who doesn't appreciate that?

Buy It or Fly By It?  This was different type of presentation of a cinnamon roll, but it was more than successful and equally as wonderful.  The added benefit to this is that it is a low calorie treat as opposed to the typical calorie bomb of the actual cinnamon roll itself.  Low calorie and wonderful taste give this a BUY IT rating.  This is the type of thing that you could sit down and eat the entire box in the course of one day if you were so inclined because this is delicious.  So, if you are a fan of cinnamon rolls and not a fan of busting out of your pants, pick this up and get a more than reasonable approximation of the unhealthy treat.



  1. Hi Can you please remove word verification in comments... it is impossible to comment from phone..
    I am from India and i love reading ur blog :)

  2. The banana bread bar is even better. I love them both. Plus, they're not as expensive as other bars at the grocery store.


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