Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review: Sneaky Pete's Apples Away Naturally Oatstanding Beverage

When I was growing up, 95% of my morning started off with a glass of orange juice, which got particularly boring.  In the other 5% of the time, my parents would either get us white grape juice or apple juice which were both so delicious that we viewed them as a treat.  We also gulped them down at world record speed, so in order to prevent themselves from having to enter the poor house just to feed our juice habit, my parents kept them as "treats" and only purchased them sporadically.  Since I left for college many years ago, you could probably count on both hands the number of glasses of apple juice that I've had, which is why this review of Sneaky Pete's Apples Away Naturally Oatstanding Beverage is kind of nostalgic for me.  Plus, it's apples and oats, which are two of my favorite things, so I was very curious to see what this was like when I found it in Meijer for $1.25.  It's twelve ounces and is a low calorie drink at only 40 calories.  It's good for cholesterol and high in fiber (equivalent to one bowl of oatmeal), so this one has got all sorts of health benefits.  Sometimes the taste doesn't measure up to the health benefits though, so that is what my review is here to test out.

It's a drink, so it's obviously liquid.  It's also the same general yellow/brown color as apple juice, although slightly lighter, so at least Sneaky Pete (hilarious product name, by the way) has nearly nailed that one.  It also smelled like apple juice, so once again, Sneaky Pete is on the ball.  The one thing where this differs from apple juice is that it is more watery than typical apple juice.  I would guess that is because it lacks the truckloads of sugars that are found in your garden variety apple juices, but not being a chemist, I'm not entirely sure that's the reason.

As I took my first gulp, I was transported back to childhood as this one really did taste like apple juice.  The apple flavor was noticeable, but not overwhelming and I found this to be particularly refreshing.  Since I'm continuing to compare this to apple juice, I will say that the key difference was that this lacked that aforementioned truckload of sugar taste and was more mild in its flavor.  After taking several more gulps and clearly noticing that difference, I would say that I prefer this watery and less sugary version of apple juice over actual apple juice because it goes down so much smoother and doesn't make you want to bounce off the walls after drinking it.  The one thing that seemed to be missing to me was any oat taste, but I'm okay with that because the apple flavor was so appealing.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I've already said I prefer this, so this is quite obviously a BUY IT product.  This is a tasty drink and a nice approximation of apple juice that doesn't have the thick and sugary taste to it that typical apple juice provides.  The health benefits of the drink are an added bonus, so this product is a winner from top to bottom in my book.


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