Sunday, January 27, 2013

Review: Quaker Chewy School Days! Amazing Apple Granola Bar

I mentioned in one of my previous review of Quaker's Chewy School Days! bars that this School Days! line is a product exclusive to Target stores.  On that same trip, I picked up a box of these Quaker Chewy School Days! Amazing Apple Granola Bars for $2.29.  Each box contains eight bars that weigh 0.91 ounces and have 100 calories each.  Since this is in fact School Days!, the box is cutely modeled after a lunch box in hopes that parents will take the not so subtle hint and toss one of these into their kids lunch boxes for a school day treat.  Those people at Quaker are pretty crafty, eh?

Dissecting the composition of a Chewy bar is usually not one of life's great mysteries as most of these bar are composed pretty much the same way...until these School Days! bars.  These School Days! bars have the standard Quaker Chewy granola basis and then that is topped by the fruit spread/filling of choice.  In the case of this bar, it was apple and it had that brownish/greenish coloring that would find from an apple spread.  In terms of the smell, it had a very faint smell of apple, but it was clearly not notable or anything to write home about (it's okay to write a blog post about though).  One top of that apple component was more oatmeal grains and this differed from a standard Chewy bar as well as you could definitely the composition of the dried oat grains.  Not bad, just different.

Biting into this, the granola was about what I'd expect.  Chewy, mildly sweet, etc.  The oat grains added a bit of dryness to the bar, which was not something I particularly enjoyed, but it's not like it ruined for me.  Where this bar did not excel was with the apple had an extremely minimal amount of flavor.  It faintly tasted like an apple, but when you are making apple the primary component of the bar, shouldn't that be a bold flavor like it was in the Best Berry bar?  In this case, it was not.  In fact, it was just slightly gooey boringness with a slight apple taste.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This bar did not taste bad at all, but it did not do anything that made me think to myself that I had to have another one immediately either.  Usually that is not the case with these Chewy bars, but since that is the case with this one, the boring characteristics of this flavor clearly gave this bar a FLY BY IT experience for me and that's pretty sad since I love apples so much that I eat one nearly every day of the week (I like to keep the doctor away).  Perhaps your experience will be different, but I know I won't be tearing into this box repeatedly for a snack.  It'll be gradual instead and it might take me a bit to finish these (average life of a box of Chewy bars for me is about two to three days).


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