Thursday, December 6, 2012

Review: Edy's (Dreyer's) Slow Churned Peppermint Light Ice Cream

I think I've mentioned on this blog before that I used to keep a bag of peppermint candies in my desk and I would go through about a bag a week since I was so addicted to them.  Despite my love of peppermint candies, I've oddly never been a huge fan of peppermint flavored food products.  I know, that's strange.  Regardless, I've seen a lot of people reviewing the full power version of this seasonal, limited time offering, so I decided to add another review of an Edy's product with a slightly different spin in that I'll be reviewing the light ice cream version of the seasonal offering with this review of the Edy's Slow Churned Peppermint Light Ice Cream that I picked up on sale at Marsh for $2.50 for a 1.5 quart container.  Edy's (or Dreyer's in your area perhaps) Slow Churned line is half the fat and one third the calories of the full power ice creams, so this checks in at a fairly decent 100 calories per half-cup serving (twelve per container).  It's almost as if you aren't even eating dessert.  Okay, well maybe not.

After seeing other reviews and then realizing this was a Slow Churned product, I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I opened up this container, despite the fact that there was a visual representation on the cover.  Would it be a vanilla ice cream with peppermint candies spread throughout or would it be some weird amalgamation of regular ice cream and peppermint and vanilla blended together to make pink ice cream with candies mixed in?  Well, what I got was something that was closer to the former than it was the latter.  There were a decent amount of peppermint candies spread throughout, but the ice cream itself was mostly a white ice cream.  One thing of note that this was an incredibly potent smell of peppermint once I popped open the container, so there was no mistaking what this was supposed to be.  Before I dive into how this tasted, I can't let the product description of Edy's website of this go because it was so hilarious to me:  "Like a cool sleigh ride on a bed of fresh snow, this holiday delight knows giving is better than receiving. Thus, it's packed with enough festive peppermint candy pieces to make every bite a delicious gift."  LOL, the person that wrote that deserves a Christmas bonus because that gave me an incredible chuckle because of its dedication to pushing the holiday spirit.

With my first spoonful, there was definitely no mistaking what flavor this was supposed to be either.  I went for just a taste of the ice cream itself first and what I got was a fairly creamy (which was a nice surprise) version of peppermint flavored ice cream.  In fact, it was REALLY peppermint flavored as it was an incredibly strong flavor, which jived perfectly with the smell of the container.  Wow, I can't describe how strong it was.  Next, I tried looping some of the candy swirl into my spoonful and what I got was a taste of peppermint that was nearly overpowering and threatened to knock me off my feet.  It was that strong.  If I had to compare this to something, it was like eating an oversized container of toothpaste with candy included.  Wowsers, it was strong.  Other than peppermint, there was no other flavor in this, but there wasn't supposed to were just supposed to let peppermint knock you off your feet.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This one certainly delivered on the flavor it promised, but in my mind, it was just too much and gets a FLY BY IT rating.  It was interesting to try out, but it's not something that I'll be rushing out to eat again.  I mean, when I compare something to toothpaste, does it make it really sound like something that I would be inclined to get again?  Not a chance.  Still, if you love peppermint, and you'd really have to love it to eat it at these quantities, then you'll probably love this flavor.  Not my personal cup of tea though.


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