Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review: Hunt's Snack Pack Bakery Shop Chocolate Cupcake Pudding

I've reviewed a lot of pudding on this blog, but have mainly stayed away from Hunt's Snack Packs because the majority of their flavors are so bland.  With that and being that I'm a pudding addict, when I saw these Bakery Shop pudding cups in the aisle at my local Meijer, I knew I had to pick up some flavors to try.  First to be reviewed is the  Hunt's Snack Pack Bakery Shop Chocolate Cupcake Pudding.  This one was priced at $1.00 for a four pack and each pudding cup in the four pack is 3.25 ounces.  That's a lot of fours!  Each cups is 110 calories and despite the fact that these have milk in them, they somehow have a shelf life of eighteen months and do not require refrigeration.  Amazing.

Since this is a Bakery Shop product, Hunt's is obviously trying to model this pudding cup after something that you'd find in a bakery and in this case, it's obviously a chocolate cupcake.  This pudding cup has a base of chocolate "cupcake" pudding that is then topped by vanilla "frosting" pudding.  Both are of typical pudding thickness while the chocolate pudding did smell like chocolate, it was nothing special.  The vanilla pudding, on the other hand, smelled very much like frosting in that it was sweet and potent.

That smell carried over to the taste because I can honestly say that this was an incredible representation of frosting in pudding form.  It was extremely sweet and tasted very much like the real thing.  The chocolate cupcake portion, on the other hand, did not really taste like a cupcake at all, although that's not a bad thing.  What it tasted like was a sweeter version of chocolate pudding and being that I grabbed these because I have a major sweet tooth, I was more than fine with that extra sweetness.  Mixed together, both flavors were noticeable, although it was the "frosting" that really laid all its cards on the table and took the lead in the flavor and sweetness factor.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I absolutely loved this and it really filled my dessert-type craving, so it gets an exceptionally strong BUY IT rating.  This is a sweet and borderline decadent treat, so if you are looking for a cupcake without all the calories or just want something sweet in general, this is an excellent choice that I would recommend to anyone.  I know that I'll be inhaling the three other pudding cups in about one second flat.


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