Saturday, October 27, 2012

Review: Planters NUT-rition Energy Mix Berry Nut Peanut Butter

Armed with another freebie that this time was provided by the My Coke Rewards program, I headed out to my local Kroger to grab another sample from the Planters NUT-rition peanut butter line with this jar of Planters NUT-rition Energy Mix Berry Nut Peanut Butter.  My last Planters review of the NUT-rition peanut butter line was met with very high expectations that were ultimately let down, so I was a bit more subdued as I head into this review.  Before I get started, I better cover the nutritional information, so this one has 180 calories per two tablespoon serving and there's about ten servings per twelve ounce jar.

Berry Nut is kind of an innocuous name, but thankfully Planters ends all the anticipation and plainly states on the jar that this one is a mix of cranberries and peanuts (obviously).  I haven't ordinarily seen cranberries matched with peanut butter in my life (typically I see raisins), but I'm willing to try anything and when I opened this jar, I knew that I'd be trying lots of those cranberries because there were a ton of dried cranberries spread throughout the jar.  For that Planters deserves major credit.  There were also a plethora of broken up peanut bits, so along with the actual peanut butter yourself, Planters wanted to make sure that this was a crunchy peanut butter as well (my favorite) with all the peanut bits that were spread throughout.

So, not having had cranberries and peanut butter mixed together before, I was a little curious as to what this combination would taste like and after my test spoonful, I was delighted.  The cranberries were sweet and mildly tart and matched well with the heartiness (I had a comment a while back complaining that I use "hearty" to describe peanut butter too much; LOL) of the peanut butter.  Since hearty is a controversial description of the peanut butter, I'll say that it was quite thick and not particularly sweet.  In fact, with the crunchy peanut bits, this particular peanut butter recipe drifted more toward the salty side of peanut butter taste, which I certainly did not mind since all the sweetness I needed was brought to me by the ample cranberries that were spread throughout the container.  One thing that I will note about those cranberries though is that they tend to stick to your teeth, so while that is a minor annoyance, there's nothing really wrong with it obviously.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I can't believe I was apprehensive about the cranberry and peanut butter combination going into this because after I tasted it, I can definitely say that I thoroughly enjoyed this and give it a BUY IT rating.  This was an unexpected, pleasant and borderline delicious surprise and I have a feeling that if you try it out yourself, you may find pleasantly surprised like I did.


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