Sunday, October 28, 2012

Site News: Richard Nixon Week!

With the United States presidential election coming up, I've been getting all geeked up on politics and I figured this week was just as good of a time as any to celebrate one of our most commonly misunderstood presidents with a tribute to Richard Nixon.  Sure he had the Watergate thing, the White House recordings thing, the China thing, etc., but he really wasn't a bad guy, so we should celebrate him.

Okay, I can't take this joke any farther.  This week really isn't going to be a celebration of him, but instead of something that he was.  For those of you that didn't know, Richard Nixon was a Quaker and this upcoming week, I'm going to post a review from the manufacturer that has the most reviews on this blog in Quaker Oats.  See how I drew the correlation between the two there?  Yeah, I'm pretty sharp and witty.

Anyway, I've been encountering a lot of their products out of their enormous product catalog recently and have been trying them left and right (mostly Muller yogurt, which Quaker is the parent company), so I'm going to put up a Quaker-related review every day next week.  Hope you enjoy!

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