Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review: EAS Lean 15 Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

My local Kroger is weird.  They have one section where you find the CLIF products, Zone Perfect products, etc. and then on the completely opposite side of the store near the pharmacy, they have an area where you find EAS products and other types of non-standard products that are more of "medicinal" type products instead of "food" products.  Odd, but whatever.  Anyway, having touched on EAS products before with varying success rates, I picked up this EAS Lean 15 Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar in that "medicinal" product section for $1.00 and it is 1.76 ounces and 200 calories with a robust fifteen grams of protein.  Since it is "medicinal," it's loaded with nineteen vitamins and minerals and if the packaging is to be believed, this bar is going to make me lean and toned.

For a bar that is just called Chocolate Peanut Butter, I wasn't expecting a whole lot in construction of the bar and in terms of ingredients, that was the case.  In terms of visual appearance though, I was mildly surprised that EAS went to such great lengths to make something so basic "pretty."  As you can see above, this bar consisted of a semi-thick chocolate base layer with a rice crisp mix on top that was bound together with the namesake peanut butter.  On top of the bar was my beloved chocolate decorative swirl and that's why I say that this one was "pretty" because they certainly did not have to go do those lengths.  So, because of that swirl and just the general appearance of the bar, I would definitely say this one passes the looks test in the fact that it at least looks like it might be tasty.

When I took my first bite, the looks test passed along to the taste test too as this one was tasty.  The chocolate and the peanut butter were both distinguishable flavors in all their glory.  The chocolate itself was moderately sweet and had a nice thickness to it.  The peanut butter itself was hearty, had a strong flavor and instead of being the plain or salty variety of peanut butter, it actually trended more toward being sweet, which is how I prefer my peanut butter.  That sweetness could have been as a result of the chocolate, but whatever was causing it made me like it quite a bit.  The rice crisp layer was dense and chewy, but oddly enough, it had a certain airy texture to it which mixed well with the heartiness of the chocolate and peanut butter.  The total package, while sweet, was not candy-like (meaning overly sweet) in its sweetness and I very much appreciated that in a snack bar.

Buy It or Fly By It?  After expecting this to be a boring and bland bar, I have to say that I liked this bar a lot and give it a BUY IT rating.  It doesn't try to be anything to flashy as it's two pretty basic flavors, but it delivers so well that I thoroughly enjoyed the bar and I think you'll do the same as well if you are willing to give this a try.


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