Thursday, September 13, 2012

Review: Kraft MilkBite Peanut Butter Milk & Granola Bar

Kraft debuted their MilkBite line of milk and granola bars quite some time ago to much fanfare, but for some reason, I had stayed away from them for the longest time.  I really wish I could figure out why too because it's like I have some sort of vendetta against them.  In fact, everything about them sounds appealing to me because I love milk, I love granola and I love snack bars.  Yet, I still stayed away.  Finally after looking at them in the store countless times, I decided to take the plunge and pick up a box of these Kraft MilkBite Peanut Butter Milk & Granola Bars on sale at Meijer for $2.00.  Each box contains five bars and each bar comes in at 1.23 ounces.  Each bar is also 140 calories and contains five grams of protein.  What makes these bars unique from other bars on the market is that since they contain real milk, they have to be kept in the refrigerator in order to preserve them for time.  For me, that's not a big deal since I prefer my granola bars to be kept in the refrigerator anyway, but actually having a manufacturer tell you to do that is quite a change.

As  you can see from the picture, there's not a whole lot about this bar that is shocking.  It's made up of the standard granola mix of oats, etc. and then is mixed in with pieces of peanuts to provide the peanut butter component of the bar. In order to account for the milk portion of the bar, there are what I'll call little milk bits spread throughout in order to give that little pop of milk taste. I guess it is kind of funny to refer to them as milk bits, but they have to be in that semi-solid form because obviously a bar filled with liquid milk is not going to work. Actually, that would be a funny visual and I'd love to see someone try that. Anyway, the rest of the bar is then topped by a decorative swirl of peanut butter and that's pretty much it. Not a complex design, but if something has flavor, it doesn't always have to be visually complex.

This bar definitely has flavor and I'll commend Kraft for that. The peanut butter flavor is semi-sweet, yet also hearty so it provides a nice "bulk" to the bar. The granola adds the typical chewy component, although it is a very soft granola chew like it is milk soaked, and the milk bits then add the cooling pleasure of milk taste that we've all come to expect throughout our lives. The peanut pieces spread throughout, while not overly hard, do provide the occasional crunch to the bar as you are working your way through.  Honestly, this was a bowl of granola cereal in bar form.  It was granola that had been soaking in milk for a while and had a slight degree of softness, but it was still synonymous.

Would I Buy It Again?  On the rare occasion that I do eat an actual bowl of cereal with milk and all (I usually just eat cereal dry), granola cereal is always my first choice, so anytime you can replicate my first choice in bar form, a BUY IT rating is sure to follow and this MilkBite bar gets that.  It's easy to see why these bars debuted to such renown because they are darn good and when the granola flavor is mixed with another one of my addictions (peanut butter), it's a winner all around.  The one complaint that I had is that I wish this bar was bigger so that I didn't feel like such a glutton when I go reaching for a second one.  If I'm only eating one bar as opposed to two, I can at least trick my mind into thinking that I'm doing the sensible thing even though we all know I'm not.

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