Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: Voskos Original Greek Honey Greek Yogurt

I think I've mentioned on this blog before (or perhaps complained) that there are seemingly countless Greek yogurt products available everywhere now.  It's like it's the next big thing in the food industry and I see a new product just about every time I go into the store.  It was in one of my recent visits to my local Kroger that I came across another Greek yogurt product with this Voskos Original Greek Honey Greek Yogurt single serving cup.  I picked it up on sale for $1.00 and each cup comes in at 5.3 ounces and has 120 calories with fourteen grams of protein and is fat free.

If you look at the very first product photo above, you'll see that Voskos labels this as a "thick and creamy" product and when I tore off the lid, thick and creamy were not works I was thinking of to describe this since it seemed to be looser than just about every other Greek yogurt product that I've eaten and/or reviewed from the blog.  The smell of the yogurt was tart, but not overpowering and there was no discernible honey in the smell or in the visual appearance.  This basically looked and smelled like plain yogurt and being that I've had bad experiences with yogurts masquerading as having flavor before when there was none, I was not exactly excited to dip my spoon into this.

When I did dip my spoon in and take my first bite, my apprehensions disappeared because I was honestly surprised that this was pretty decent.  It was not nearly as tart as I was expecting after smelling it and while it didn't taste strongly of honey, there was at least enough honey taste that the end of each spoonful that you could tell it was there and it did a nice job counteracting what small amount of tart taste there was from the yogurt itself.  While this wasn't particularly thick or creamy, it did have a composition similar to regular yogurt and while that is the typical Greek yogurt characteristic, I certainly did not mind it.  In fact, it was kind of a nice change of pace since these can get chunky, so to speak, a lot of times.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Not the greatest flavor in the world, but appetizing enough that I'll give it a BUY IT rating.  It's not powerful, but it does provide you with enough taste that you'll enjoy eating this cup.  I know that I did and after an apprehensive start based on appearance alone, I'm anxious to try out some other Voskos products, which I'm sure you'll see show up on the blog.



  1. I tried the plain fat free version of this stuff (it was a LOT cheaper than my normal choices that week). I ended up really being happy with it. Ok, so it is NOT going to replace Fage or Chobanie (my usual picks); but I was satisfied. There are other Greek yogurts that I have tired and they FAR less thick/creamy. The 'Greek Gods' brand I find to be very runny...more liquid then standard Dannon stuff. I am happy to see how many Greek yogurt options there are...hopefully all the competition will keep on bringing down the price.

  2. Voskos is one of my favorite brands of Greek yogurt... my favorite flavors are honey vanilla bean and exotic fig. I highly recommend trying those varieties if you can find them.

    1. I've actually had the honey vanilla bean, written a review and it will be posted in the future.

      Never have seen the exotic fig though. Going to have to look a little harder next time I am in Kroger.

  3. I love this yogurt ... it doesn't have that sour taste and the real fruit ones are a treat ... being pregnant not much in to try new things but it sure helps in the morning . I personal love the coconut cream and the black cherry ... so good and good fruit to yogurt ratio


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