Thursday, August 30, 2012

Review: Larabar Uber Cherry Cobbler Fruit & Nut Bar

In my many Larabar reviews, I've admittedly been tough on them on occasion.  For a lot of those reviews, I just didn't understand how a product with seemingly no discernible flavor (or at least the flavor it said it was going to be) could make it to market and sell successfully.  So, when I spotted a new product line of theirs with these "Uber" bars, I was a bit skeptical of them.  Curiosity sometimes gets the best of me though, so I picked up this Larabar Uber Cherry Cobbler Fruit & Nut Bar on sale at Kroger for $0.99.  It's 1.42 ounces and has 190 calories and four grams of protein.  Also, in case you were wondering, "Uber" is referred to on the wrapper as having synonyms of "super duper, wicked awesome."  Another amusing thing was that the picture of the front of the wrapper carried the tagline of "Enlarged to show ubnerness."  Seriously?!  For me being skeptical going into this, seeing a bar proclaim itself as that just made me want to hate this bar before I even dug in.

After removing the super duper, wicked awesome wrapper, I was struck by how similar this looked compared to a Nature Valley fruit and nut bar.  It was made up of a plethora of large nuts, including cashews, pecans and almonds.  It also included large chunks of dried fruits such as dates, raisins and cherries.  All of this was all bond together they by honey and syrups.  All in all, just like Nature Valley bars, it was sticky to the touch, but the smell of the dried cherries gave this a wonderfully strong cherry smell, just like you'd get if you took a whiff of a cherry cobbler before feverishly diving in.

After taking a bit of this, I was struck by how much it not only smelled like a cherry cobbler, but tasted like one too.  It had the typical cherry sweetness of a cobbler, which I love, and that was added to with the sweetness of the raisins, dates and honey that was in the mix.  One thing that did surprise me though was that for a bar that has as many and as large of nuts as this bar, it really was not completely crunchy all the way.  It had more of a pleasurable soft chew with an occasional pop provided by one of the larger nuts with the almonds being the most noticeable.  Had all the nuts been crunchy, this would could have ventured into tooth breaking territory, but the occasional pop provided a nice balance to the chewy dried fruits and the surprisingly chewy bulk of the bar.  One thing about this bar is that it bills itself as sweet and salty, but I could not really taste the salty component of the bar (in included sea salt) because the sweetness of the dried fruits was so strong.  That said, while I may not have been able to taste the salt, it did have that salty effect on me because I was definitely thirsty after making my way through the bar.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I wouldn't go so far as to classify this bar as "uber," but I would say that it was darn good and definitely reminded me of a cherry cobbler in its taste, so it gets a definite BUY IT rating.  I've been hard on Larabar in the past, but I liked this bar a lot and am now anxious to try out some of the other Uber products from this line.

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  1. I've never been particularly fond of Larabars... most of them tend to be pretty bland (or at the very least they are nowhere close to the flavors they claim to emulate). It sounds as though the new "uber" line is a step up in flavor from regular Larabars, so I may give them a try if I see them; however, with so many other bars out there that I actually like (e.g. Clif/Luna bars, Balance bars, some varieties of Zone Perfect and Pure Protein bars), I doubt that seeking these out will be a very high priority.


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