Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Review: Fage Total 2% Greek Yogurt with Cherry

After constantly looking in the store for months and never seeing it on sale, I've run into what I guess I could call a lucky streak in that Fage Greek yogurt products have been on sale quite a bit recently.  That has led to some of my prior reviews and also leads to another Fage review with this review of the Fage Total 2% Greek Yogurt with Cherry single serving cup.  Just like the others, I picked this one up on sale at Kroger for $1.00.  It comes in at 5.3 ounces and is 140 calories and twelve grams of protein.

As with all Fage single serving cups, this one comes in what I like to call the sidecar design with the yogurt separated from the actual fruit so that you can decide in what fashion you'd like to eat the cup.  The yogurt is standard thick, stiff and tart smelling, just like the others so I won't spend a lot of talking about that.  The cherry section, or the sidecar, is filled with something that resembles what you'd get in a can of cherry pie filling.  It is sticky, filled with cherry bits and has that great cherry smell that I personally have come to love.  Being that I love cherries (I once had my mom make me a cherry birthday cake and just as a word to the wise, I would not recommend you do that yourself), I was anxious to dive in.

As I dove in, this was pretty much what I expected in that it had the tart yogurt taste, although something about this yogurt was a little off because it tasted almost cottage cheese like.  Being that I don't like cottage cheese AT ALL, I was a bit put off by that.  That bad experience was removed though once I started mixing in the cherries, which tasted just like they looked, by the way.  What I mean by that is that I said that it looked like something that you'd get out of a pre-made can of cherry pie filling and it also tasted that way.  It was sweet with a mild hint of tartness and when you put in the cherry chunks,  it added a nice textural break-up to the yogurt and cherry mix itself.  When the cherry sidecar was mixed with the yogurt, it was like a creamy cherry pie and that mad scientist in me wants to actually try mixing Greek yogurt with a real cherry pie and see how similar it turns out to this.  I'm pretty sure I'd love it.

Buy It or Fly By It?  This gets a definite BUY IT rating.  While not the world's greatest flavor, it is darn good and also a safe flavor that I don't think is going to offend a soul on this Earth.  Anytime that happens, I consider it a victory in my book and Fage gets another victory in the review series with this cup.


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  1. fage 2% for the win. just reviewed the full fat on my blog. stuff is crazy rich


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