Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review: Kozy Shack Chocolate Bread Pudding

So this review officially marks another review experience with Kozy Shack's line of bread puddings with a this review of one of their new products in that line with this review of the Kozy Shack Chocolate Bread Pudding.  Last time, I went in with high expectations and was met with disappointment, so I've tempered myself a little bit in hopes that maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.  By the way, this comes in a four pack of 3.5 ounce cups that I picked up on sale at Meijer for $2.50.  Each 3.5 ounce cup is a fairly robust 170 calories (that's what the packaging says while the website says 150; which do I trust?), so you aren't exactly eating a super healthy treat with this one.  Much like the others, Kozy Shack also says that you can eat this either hot or cold, so I'll approach it by tasting it using both of those methods.

When I first took the lid off of this cup, my first observation was with my nose and how overcome I was with the smell of chocolate.  I had a craving for chocolate prior to opening this, so being met with that strong scent was a just what the doctor ordered for me at that particular time.  Since this was cold when I opened it, it was firmly packed into the cup and when I dipped my spoon in, I was met with some handsome chunks of bread intermixed with chocolate budding.  Being that this is chocolate bread pudding, it's pretty obvious that should have been the case.  Other than the wonderfully strong smell of chocolate that I got, nothing about the appearance of this cup surprised me.

Cold Version:  Being that I've already said that this was stiff and firm in appearance when cold, it continued to be that way when I went through this tasting.  The one nice thing about the bread when cold was that it retained its firmness and made for a slight chewiness as I made my way through the cup.  The strong chocolate smell also translated over to to the taste, so as I was making my way through this, it was as if I was eating chewy chocolate bread and honestly, that was awesome and I enjoyed it very much.

Warm Version:  So, after my positive experience eating this cold, I popped it in the microwave for 45 seconds and then dug my spoon in expecting similar firmness to what I had experience cold and it was nothing like that.  The heat caused this to completely dissolve and almost turn into something that was borderline runny and watery.  The bread also went from having a nice chewiness to being overly soft and in an odd way, the bread nearly disintegrated under the heat.  Very odd.  The chocolate flavor was still strong, although not nearly as potent as it was cold.  In terms of eating this warm, the best comparison I can think of is that I felt like I was eating (or perhaps drinking) hot chocolate with marshmallows mixed in.

Buy It or Fly By It?  While I preferred the cold method better, the warm method was not all that bad so this product gets a BUY IT rating no matter how you decide to eat it.  I would recommend cold, but it is nice to have that option and if you pick this up, you may find that you prefer warm more.  Either way, it looks like lowering my expectations heading into this worked because I was very pleasantly surprised in the end.


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  1. My opinion may be subjective considering that I had the pleasure of growing up in a family where bread pudding was made fairly frequently, but this version of bread budding was horrible in comparison. I was very dissapointed in this product and will not buy it anymore. I do, however, really enjoy other Kozy Shack products and will continue buying them.


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