Friday, August 10, 2012

Review: Blue Bell Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

I mentioned in my last Blue Bell ice cream review that Meijer was running a killer deal on these pints of ice cream, so being the cheap person (and also ice cream freak) that I am, I knew I had to pick up a couple more pints while the awesome deal was still running and that leads me to this review of the Cookies & Cream flavor of their ice cream.  Like I said previously, this pint was $1.67 and contains four servings at 180 calories per serving.  So, it's not exactly healthy, but it's more healthy than a typical "premium" ice cream.

As you can see from this pint, it's a mish mash of vanilla ice cream swirled with plentiful chocolate cookie pieces.  Some of the cookies pieces are ground up to almost a powder, while the others are in sizeable chunks throughout the pint.  Regardless of their presentation, there's a whole lot of them and when you have a basic ice cream like cookies & cream, you better have a lot of the cookie portion of the ice cream or else you are going to be an utter failure.  Thankfully, Blue Bell is successful on that portion and that's a wonderful start.

Where Blue Bell was also successful with this pint was on its flavor.  There was nothing out of the ordinary or spectacular but this was everything good that you'd expect about a pint of Cookies & Cream ice cream.  The chocolate cookies were plentiful, crunchy (the ones that weren't ground up) and had a nice chocolate flavoring.  The ice cream itself did not have a strong taste of vanilla, but it was enough that it blended well with the chocolate cookies as we all know that vanilla and chocolate is one of the most basic (and best) flavor combos out there and this combo worked very well.  The ice cream itself was not as creamy and thick as a Ben & Jerry's product, but it was definitely creamier than your normal bargain basement ice cream and for that, I am thankful.

Buy It or Fly By It?  BUY IT.  There's nothing about this product that screams "UNBELIEVABLE" but this is a good and flavorful product that delivers on everything that it promises.  Sometimes when you come up with basic flavor combinations, that's all you can ask for and Blue Bell meets those qualifications here with a product worth consuming, especially at the price at which I found it.


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