Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Review: Balance Bar Nimble Yogurt Orange Swirl Bar

Here in 2012, Balance Bar has introduced a new product line called Nimble.  It's a product angled toward women that is suppose to improve your body, skin and of course your overall health.  Being that Balance sent me a box of all varieties of their bars, I'm making my way though everything, including those bars for women.  I've already reviewed the Nimble Peanut Butter bar and was less than impressed, so I didn't exactly have high hopes coming into this review of the Nimble Yogurt Orange Swirl bar.  This one comes in at 1.16 ounces and is 120 calories with ten grams of protein.  It's sweetened with Truvia as opposed to normal sugar, so that's how they are able to cut out some of the calories that you'd ordinarily find in one of these bars.

As you can see, there's not a lot of things going on with this bar as the flavors are basically just orange and yogurt.  There's not any sort of add-ins like nuts or fruits or anything like that.  It's just a yogurt exterior layer with an interior layer that is flavored orange.  The interior smelled like almost like an orange that you'd get at the store, but the smell was slightly off.  I guess the best way to describe what I mean by slightly off is that it didn't smell nearly as citrus-y as oranges and a lot of orange products do.  What I mean by that is that it didn't have that nose tingling tangy smell.

Not only did it not have the nose tingly tangy smell that you'd expect from an orange, it did not have the throat tingling tangy taste that you'd expect from an orange.  In all actuality, it tasted almost like nothing.  When I say almost, I mean that it had a very, very slight orange taste but unless you knew you were eating an orange flavored product beforehand, I'm not sure you could place the taste as orange.  The yogurt exterior itself,  while physically present, added no flavor to the bar either.  The bar was soft and chewy though, so at least there was one positive because neither of the advertised flavors were positive at all.

Buy It or Fly By It?  For the second Nimble bar in a row, I didn't finish this bar because I was so bored by it and didn't want to waste my time on something so flavorless.  Not surprisingly, this bar gets a FLY BY IT rating because of that.  Stay away from this one because not only is the flavor combination odd (in my opinion), but those advertised flavors don't taste anything like what they are supposed to taste like.  In fact, it's sort of gross when I think back to it.

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