Sunday, July 8, 2012

Site News: Ice Cream/Frozen Dessert Week Next Week

Who doesn't love ice cream?  Well, if you don't, you are un-American and you'll see why as you keep reading.

For those of you that don't know, July is the best month of the year.  Okay, maybe not the best, but one of the best and it's not because it seems to be about a billion degrees outside, no matter where you are.  Instead, the reason why it's one of the best months of the year is because July is National Ice Cream Month. That's right, there's a whole month dedicated to ice cream and there's even been a presidential designation by Ronald Reagan that says so.  That's how awesome ice cream is and as this blog as shown, I'm quite a big fan too.

Because of that, every review next week starting tomorrow is going to be dedicated to the frozen treat itself (or other ice cream-like treats).  We'll have a mix of some new and old manufacturers, so maybe you'll learn about something you've never heard of before or have always wanted to try.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy and try to stay cool in this summer heat!


  1. Ooh, this sound awesome! Ice cream reviews are always some of the best, so this is the perfect idea for a theme week. I always wake up excited to read the latest review, and this next week will be no different. ^_^

  2. You know I'm pumped for this...

  3. One of the reasons why Reagan was one of my favorite Presidents. I'm excited to see the reviews.


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