Friday, July 6, 2012

Review: Muscle Milk Vanilla Creme Protein Shake

Sometimes I get too cute for my own good.  In my reviews of these protein "shakes", I often mock them for their long shelf life and/or the fact that they call themselves shakes.  For some reason and no matter if the manufacturer is Atkins or Muscle Milk, I just can't get over it...until now.  I'm turning over a new leaf (or whatever) and I'm just going to start reviewing these shakes for what they are and my first attempt at that is going to be a review of this Muscle Milk Vanilla Creme Protein Shake.  I picked up this fourteen ounce shake for free at Thornton's Fuel Center as part of a free promotion and each bottle contains 220 calories and 25 grams of protein.  It's both naturally and artificially flavored too, if you are interested.

Screwing off the lid on this, I didn't expect to find much except something that looked like boring old milk and I can honestly say, I didn't get much more than that.  The color was slightly off-white in and the texture was thicker than milk (almost whole milk like), but that was it in terms of appearance.  One thing that was notable about its physical traits was that you could clearly smell the vanilla in the shake, so based on smell alone, there was at least some inclination that there was going to be some flavor.

As I took my first gulp, it was actually remarkable how thick this was, all things considered.  Also remarkable was the fact that the shake really did have a taste of vanilla at the front of the gulp and then almost a creme (think Oreo cookies) at the back of the gulp.  For something that I expected to be pretty bland, this was putting forth a lot of flavor and based on the fact that it was fairly thick, it was sort of like a vanilla shake that you'd pick up at your food operator of chose, albeit a slightly melted one.  One thing I will note is that because of its thickness and also the strength of the vanilla and creme flavors, this is definitely not a product that you want to chug.  Well,  it was at least one that I didn't want to chug because honestly, by the time I got near the bottom of this, I was nearly overcome by vanilla and creme and couldn't finish the bottle.  I'm not saying that means that it tastes bad, it just means that there is a lot of taste in this and you can wear yourself out on it if you aren't careful.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I give this a BUY IT rating because when gulped in moderation, this is a very solid tasting drink/protein supplement.  Don't overdo it and chug it like I did (like a fool), but drink in moderation and I think you'll end up loving this, unless the vanilla and creme flavors are too much for you.  Another remarkable thing about this is that for the first time, I can honestly say that one of these shakes is deserving of its name because this truly was a very close approximation of a shake and I enjoyed it.


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