Saturday, July 21, 2012

Review: Quaker Chewy Cookies & Cream Granola Bar

I'm starting to get Quaker Chewy fatigue and that's only from reviewing their original line of Chewy bars.  I've done countless reviews of them already and I'm sure there will be countless more because I'm guessing that Quaker will never stop introducing new flavors.  So, my quest leads me to this Cookies & Cream Chewy granola bar.  I picked it up at Meijer as part of a of ten pack combination box on sale for $2.00.  It is the typical Chewy bar weight of 0.84 ounces and contains 90 calories.  One thing that is different about this is that it is 25% less sugar, so I'm guessing that less sugar chops ten calories off because most times, these bars are an even hundred calories.

There's no reason talking about Quaker Chewy's granola because I've done it countless times before. What makes this bar different and where it gets its flavor are the cookies and cream components.  Within the standard Chewy granola mix, you can clearly see that there are large, visible cookie pieces (kind of like broken up Oreo cookies) and also little marshmallow like bits, which using my strong powers of observation and deduction, I deem to be the "cream" component of the bar.  So basically, they've taken an Oreo cookie, smashed it up and mixed some of the bits of it into their granola mix.

Crushing up a cookie and mixing it with granola mix may not be all that creative, but it sure tastes good.  The granola is in this bar for texture and minimal flavor.  On the other hand, the real stars of the show are the cookies and cream bits because they make this one delicious.  Their flavoring is so strong that you really do get the impression that you are eating a "healthy" Oreo cookie and despite the fact that Oreo cookies are horribly overrated, there is nothing wrong with getting the impression that you are still eating what is a pretty darn good cookie.

Buy It or Fly By It?  BUY IT.  Like I said, Oreo cookies are overrated, but anytime you can simulate one in another food product and do it successfully, it is a definite winner.  This Cookies & Cream bar would give you an impression that you were eating one of those cookies whether you choose to eat it for breakfast or just for a snack and whichever method you choose, it never hurts to think you are eating cookies because cookies rule.  Ha!


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  1. Hmmm looks good...and more affordable then alot of the other bars I go for. But for a cookies and creme flavor, so far this is my favorite:


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