Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review: Good Greens Plus Chocolate Raspberry Bar

In previous Good Greens Plus bar reviews, I've been impressed with how the bars maintain a nice and chewy texture, but still maintained some sort of internal crunch due to well placed rice crisps in the interior of the bar.  While I didn't find the bars to be overly outstanding, I did find them to be quite tasty so that leads me to another one of the bars that I received as part of a promo from Good Greens with this review of the Chocolate Raspberry bar.  This one comes in at 1.76 ounces and has 195 calories and ten grams of protein. It's also all natural, raw, gluten free, vegan and claims to contain 100% of your daily fruits and vegetables.  It makes this claim because of their Z52 mix that makes up the interior of the bar which contains 52 ingredients that are all mixed together to make a mind boggling super blend.

Unwrapping the bar brought me pretty much what I expected when I looked at the exterior of this bar.  It was encased in a thick chocolate layer that did not smell strongly of chocolate.  The bar was also soft and broke in half quite easily.  Once I broke it in half though, I was met with what was more surprising than I ever could have imagined.  Along with small bits of rice crisps inside the typical chocolate-esque protein mix of this bar were what I deemed to be huge (relative to the size of the bar) chunks of dried raspberries.  I've got to admit that I've never seen anything that pronounced in size with all the bars that I've reviewed, so that got me anxious to take a bite into the bar.

Biting in, the first thing I encountered was an ever so slight crunch from the rice crisps which was then balanced out by the soft and chewy factor of the bar.  The balance that the two struck made each of them compliment each other beautifully.  Chewing a bit more through the thick chocolate, I then encountered one of the large dried raspberries and they packed quite a punch by bringing a large degree of sweetness and tang to the bar.  Mixing that sweetness and tang with the semi-flat tasting chocolate made this almost a decadent treat.  My only complaint was that I wish there were more of these dried raspberries, but had they added any more, they may have run out of space for everything else in the bar.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Out of all the Good Greens Plus bars that I've reviewed so far, I can easily say that this one is my favorite and it gets a strong BUY IT rating.  I won't go so far as to give this a delicious rating, but I will say that this was darn good.  If you can somehow find it in a store near you, I strongly recommend that you buy it not only for its health reasons but because it is also darn tasty and another winner for Good Greens, who continue to impress me.


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