Friday, June 15, 2012

Review: Quaker Chewy Cocoa Chocolate Swirl Granola Bar

Review number two in the series of reviewing Quaker Chewy's "premium" line of Cocoa granola bars made with REAL cocoa takes me to the Chocolate Swirl granola bar.  My first review took a look at the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor and came back with a positive review, so I held high hopes for this one as this bar seemed to be quite similar.  I picked it up as part of a box of eight at Meijer on sale for $2.00 and each bar weighs 0.84 ounces and contains 90 calories.

As you can see, the size, shape and texture of this is similar to your standard Chewy bar.  Outside of that, this looks nothing like a standard Chewy bar as the granola mix is a very dark color because of the chocolate mix and the chocolate chips in this bar a combination of vanilla and chocolate, thus the swirl in the bar's name.  If you look closely enough at the picture above, you can actually see the swirled chocolate chips consisting of semi-sweet milk chocolate and white chocolate and honestly, that's kind of cool that they were able to manufacture chips too look like that, especially when they are so tiny.

My membership in the Quaker manufacturing society aside, the real question is how this one tasted and I've got to say it was pretty darn in good.  In fact, I'd say it was better than the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar due to the fact that the chocolate flavoring in this one actually did taste "real" and not like some powdered imitation hot chocolate that you could find in any grocery store.  The chocolate flavoring in this one was strong and sweet and that was something that me, a professed chocolate lover, very much enjoyed.  You can't really distinguish much of the chip's flavor because this bar is all chocolate, all the time, but I will say that I did taste a faint hint of white chocolate (obviously the white part of the swirl) and being that I'm a bigger fan of white chocolate than I am of milk chocolate, I loved that.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Without question, you need to BUY IT.  This is a chocolate delight and makes a nice, small chocolate treat to either kickstart your day or give you a little pick-me-up as your day is progressing.  Frankly, since it is "healthy", you could even use it in place of a chocolate candy bar or a chocolate piece of candy because the chocolate flavoring is that strong.  Pretty impressive to say the least.



  1. I just get scarred when a company advertised a new product that uses 'real' or 'premium' ingredients...then what the Hell were the feeding us earlier???

    1. but...I guess if it is tasty...then it is all ok...

  2. I think these bars are not too different from the original ones, but I like the cookie dough flavor better.


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