Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: LUNA Peanut Butter Cookie Nutrition Bar

Despite the fact that they are for women, I've found most of the LUNA bars that I've tasted to be quite good.  In fact, I'd say that I enjoy the majority of them, so based on that, I was anxious to try out this Peanut Butter Cookie nutrition bar and see how it stacked up against some of their other products.  I picked this one up at Meijer for $1.09 and it weighs in at 1.69 ounces with 180 calories and nine grams of protein.  As with all LUNA bars, it's all natural and 70% organic.

Taking a look at this one is pretty boring actually because there's not a whole lot of creativity going on here.  It's got a vanilla "icing" base layer topped with a layer of a mix of rice crisp, oats and peanut butter for binding.  That's all that there is going on with this bar and while that's not a bad thing, that is a boring thing.  I want cookie chunks!

Unfortunately, the taste of this is just as boring as its appearance and it tasted nothing like its namesake cookie.  The vanilla "icing" taste is there, but its barely noticeable unless you count the fact that it breaks up the crunchy texture of the rice crisp/oat/peanut butter mix.  Adding to the lackluster performance of this bar is the taste of that aforementioned's boring as well.  The peanut butter flavor is barely perceptible and the rest of the bar just tastes like a flavorless Rice Krispie treat.  I guess there is some mild sweetness when you roll the entire package together, but this bar is basically just something to chew and fails on all levels in terms of being appetizing and is a miserable attempt at re-creating what is one of the better types of cookies out there.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Being that I just wrote that this fails on all levels, I think the FLY BY IT rating is pretty obvious on this one.  LUNA has certainly had better efforts than this one, so if you see this one the shelves at your local megamart, just go ahead and walk past it or grab one of the other LUNA flavors that I've either reviewed positively on this blog or are otherwise curious to try out.


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  1. I agree there should be more of a peanut butter taste, but I actually like this bar more than any of their chocolate base bars which taste very artificial to me.


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