Monday, June 4, 2012

Review: Kellogg's Special K Chocolatey Peanut Butter Granola Bar

I admit that I'm a big coupon clipper.  I'm not as crazy about it as those people on those couponing shows, but I do find a way to check out the coupons (and clip, if applicable) in the Sunday paper most weeks.  I was going through my paper recently and I saw a coupon for a new product in these Special K Chocolatey Peanut Butter bars and since I'm a granola bar freak, I grabbed my scissors, clipped the coupon and on my next shopping trip to Meijer, put my coupon to use.  Without my coupon, these were on sale for $2.50 that week and each box of these bars contains five bars.  Each individual bar is 0.96 ounces (slightly larger than a  regular Quaker Chewy bar) and has 110 calories and four grams of protein.

Now, I've reviewed Special K products before and have lamented how basic and boring the chocolate and peanut butter flavor combination can sometimes be, but if done right it can be outstanding.  With that, I tore open the wrapper and saw a bar that wasn't particularly "sexy" per se, but it did a good job of prominently displaying all the necessary ingredients.  The bar started out with a chocolate base layer that was topped with Special K's granola mix and topped by a decorative chocolate swirl of icing on top of the bar.  Inside the granola mix was a noticeable amount of peanut butter chips and as I've discussed here before, the presence of peanut butter chips in ANYTHING excites me because I feel they are so underused.

Biting into the bar, I was pleasantly surprised by how soft and chewy this was.  I don't know why, but I expected some sort of crunch, but when you really think about it, this bar is sort of competing with Quaker Chewy bars and since those are chewy themselves, it makes sense that this would be chewy as well.  As for the taste itself, it was just about what you'd expect.  The peanut butter was thick and hearty and the chocolate also had a thick and hearty taste as well, although the chocolate lacked any sort of real, hardcore sweetness.  One phrase description of this bar:  thick and hearty.  One word description of my review:  redundant.  These two flavors were pretty basic, but they did work well together.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Despite the fact that this was a completely basic bar, I have to give it a BUY IT rating because it did have a solid taste.  Like I said, the flavors worked well together and while they didn't knock my socks off in any way, just the fact that Special K took to appetizing flavors, combined them and presented them in a tasteful way is enough for me since it is so easy to screw easy things up.



  1. Anything with peanut butter in and ill normally buy it if it looks good! We just have pretty boring bland flavours of special k bars in the UK..nothing as exciting as this :(

  2. Sadly Lot-O-Choc is right. Britain has never caught on to the peanut butter craze like the USA. Our Special K bars are lame and not too many brands utilise peanut butter at all.

    The number of peanut butter products that i have to see reviewed from American bloggers; knowing that the product will never make it to England...grrrr!

  3. I have had these before. I agree that thebar tastes good, but I thought they were too small.


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