Saturday, May 26, 2012

Time Waster: Cereal Math Equations

I'll be the first to admit that I've recently developed a really bad habit that I'm trying to rid myself of.  My bad habit that is that I've started buying boxes of cereal and then just eating them dry by the handful like they are potato chips.  If I was just eating one handful every now and then, this wouldn't be that big of a problem, but I'm eating multiple handfuls at multiple times throughout the day/night in addition to what I would normally eat.  Not exactly healthy and while it may not be potato chips, it's just as bad.

Anyway, during one of my binges the other day, I was looking at the back of the box my Cheerios and was just astounded by how many flavors of Cheerios that there are.  Throughout the course of my bad habit and also my life, I've managed to have just about every one of their flavors, so having done that, I came up with a fun game in my head called Cereal Math.  What I mean by cereal math is that I want to write a mathematical "equation" rating each of the Cheerios flavors in order.  This would only apply to those flavors that I've actually had as I'm missing a couple.

I didn't limit my "fun" game to just Cheerios either as there are several other cereals out there that have "kin" with the same name brand, but just in different flavors.  If you want to think of it this way, think of it like Coca-Cola with original Coke, Cherry Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, etc.  Basically, the equations are limitless if you spend some time in your cereal aisle at the store because I don't know about you, but the aisle at my store seems like it is about a mile long.

So, here we go...

Cereal Math Equation #1:  General Mills Cheerios Flavors
Peanut Butter Multigrain Cheerios > Chocolate Cheerios > Honey Nut Cheerios > Original Cheerios > Multigrain Cheerios > Apple Cinnamon Cheerios > Oat Cluster Crunch Cheerios > Dulce De Leche Cheerios > Frosted Cheerios

Get where I'm going with this?  I think Peanut Butter Multigrain Cheerios are the best followed by Chocolate Cheerios and then all the way down in descending order to Frosted Cheerios as the worst.  There's obviously some missing flavors in there that I have not had, but let's try some more that are much simpler.

Cereal Math Equation #2:  General Mills Toast Crunch Flavors
Cinnamon Toast Crunch > Frosted Toast Crunch

Cereal Math Equation #3:  General Mills Cocoa Puffs Flavors
Brownie Crunch Cocoa Puffs > Original Cocoa Puffs

Cereal Math Equation #4:  Quaker Oats Cap'n Crunch Flavors
Peanut Butter Crunch > Original Crunch > Crunch Berries

Cereal Math Equation #5:  Kellogg's Krave Flavors
Double Chocolate > Chocolate

Cereal Math Equation #6:  Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Flavors
Golden Honey Nut > Caramel Nut > Roasted Nut & Honey

Cereal Math Equation #7:  Quaker Oats Oatmeal Squares
Honey Nut > Cinnamon

There's obviously countless other cereals out there, so I'd like to see if anyone else has an opinion on this.  If you think I'm nuts, let me know.  Also, feel free to add your own and hopefully some of the cereal experts that read this blog like Marvo at The Impulsive Buy or Adam at Option Pitch and Waffle Crisp will chime in with some of their thoughts if they happen to see this post.  I'm curious to see what everyone thinks.


  1. nice 1, do you mind if I re-post this on my blog with a link back to your site?

  2. With regards to Cheerios, I view Honey Nut as the best, followed by Frosted, PB Multigrain, and Original. Banana are the absolute worst. Have not had Apple Cinnamon in years, but have fond memories.

    Another one to take a look at it Frosted Mini Wheats.

    Chocolate Little Bites > Blueberry > Cinnamon Roll Little Bites

    All in all, I need to try more.

    I tend not to get too into cereal trees. I typically mix and match based on flavors and textures, not brands. Cocoa Puffs for chocolate, Kashi GoLean for nutrition, Waffle Crisp for eating on my own like a greedy bastard, and Honey Nut Cheerios for, uh, honey nut.

    Thanks for the link IE. Sorry I don't chime in more. On my primary computer your site seems to bring up some nasty ads for me.

  3. I could probably do this with klondike bars. Caramel Pretzel > Rocky Road > Reeses > Double Chocolate > Heath > Neapolitan> Dark Chocolate > Oreo > Krunch > Original I only have the mint kind left to try I believe.

  4. I should admit I haven't tried the peanut butter or the Dulce De Leche Cheerios. Because there are so many new products to purchase, nowadays I tend not to eat things our other writers review because I'd rather spend that money on another new product.

    But I will say.

    Pepsi > Coke

    Haagen Dazs > Ben & Jerry's

  5. I agree with what you got. But you need to add Honey Bunches of Oates! The pecan flavor is awesome!


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