Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review: Balance Bar Nimble Peanut Butter Bar

I've done a lot of Balance Bar reviews here on the blog and I've tried some of their various different product lines as well.  That said, I had recently read about their new Nimble Bars online but had not had a chance to try them or pick them up at the store.  Much to my surprise one day when I got home from work, there was a box sitting on my porch that had been delivered that I had no clue what it was, but once I opened it up, it was filled with a plethora of the various varieties of Balance bars and some of those included some from their new Nimble Bar line.  So, armed with these free bars, I was ready to dive into a review of this Peanut Butter Nimble Bar.  It's 1.16 ounces, 120 calories and has ten grams of protein.  It's sweetened using Truvia, so it's not as sugary as a lot of the bars (I'm guessing that is why it is relatively low calorie).

Opening up the wrapper and breaking this in half, I have to say that I was very underwhelmed by the way this bar looked.  I realize it's just a boring peanut butter flavor, but it's as if Balance did nothing to dress up the flavor at all and just presented peanut butter in all its glory and that's it.  As you can see the interior of the bar is basically a peanut butter/protein mix.  The exterior of the bar is a peanut butter coating that was soft and broke apart easily, which was quite nice.  The only notable part of this bar was that for a small 1.16 ounces, it did feel surprisingly dense.

Sometimes they say that you eat with your eyes and that is definitely the case with this bar.  As boring as this bar was when I looked it over with my eyes, it was equally, if not more, boring as I chewed through it with my mouth.  It was soft and that was nice, but the peanut butter flavor of the bar was basically non-existent.  Honestly, this bar tasted almost like nothing.  It was just there and was maybe the most boring thing I've ever eaten in my life.  So boring in fact that I only went through half the bar before I through the rest of it in the trash because I didn't want to waste my time (or add additional calories) by eating the rest.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Since I trashed half of the bar because it was too boring, I'm guessing that you can figure out that I give this a FLY BY IT rating.  Not that basic peanut butter is an exciting flavor, but other companies and bars have at least dressed it up enough to make it taste better than this.  For my first review of a Nimble Bar, this was an abysmal failure.  I've got more to review, but based on this one, I'm not holding out high hopes.  Hopefully I get surprised though.



  1. I've been pleasantly surprised by a lot of the Balance bar varieties; I find myself picking them up more and more often as a decent-tasting and convenient way to add some extra protein to my diet. Sounds like this variety will be one to avoid, though... too bad your first experience with their "Nimble" line of bars wasn't a better one.

    It's awesome that they sent you a whole box of different varieties to try.

    1. In general, I like them too and find them to be pretty good bars. I've still got a couple of reviews that I haven't posted from bars bought prior to them shipping to me, but it should be fun to work my way through those and all these news bars as well.


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