Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review: Stonyfield Organic Oikos Honey 0% Greek Yogurt

As I continue my quest to try out just about every single Greek yogurt that I can get my hands on, I'm led to the Honey flavor of Stonyfield's Organic Oikos product line.  I picked this one up at Meijer on sale for $1.00 and it clocked in at 5.3 ounces with 120 calories and twelve grams of protein.  Being that this is only 5.3 ounces, Stonyfield is placing themselves in the "premium" line of Greek yogurts since they are putting a serving size out there that is smaller than the standard six ounces that the majority of purveyors provide.

As you can see on the packaging, this yogurt has the honey on the bottom, which after reading, I found to be pretty unbelievable since all the other honey flavored Greek yogurts that I've tried up to this point just have the honey flavoring mixed in with the actual yogurt and that's it.  So, that little tidbit made me anxious to rip this one open and much to my surprise, there actually was a fair amount of honey on the bottom (hopefully you can see the color contrasts in the picture above after I stirred it up)!  It wasn't thick and sticky like your typical honey as it was sort of runny, but it was definitely there and it had definitely raised my curiosity level on how this one tasted.  The added faint smell of honey also got me even more excited.

In terms of taste, you could definitely tell it was there.  The yogurt itself was thick and almost had an odd cheesy taste to it.  It wasn't gross, but it was just weird.  But, when you mixed in the noticeable, but not strong, flavor of the sweet honey, that cheesy and sour flavor was cancelled out and this became more of a sweet treat.  It wasn't overly sweet and there was some sourness still there from the yogurt, but all in all this one was split pretty well from being overly sour or overly sweet.  The Superfruits flavor that I reviewed previously had that same characteristic, so possibly that is the goal of Stonyfield when they produce these products?

Buy It or Fly By It?  I'm giving this one a BUY IT rating.  Once you get over the different taste of the almost cheesy yogurt and then mix it with the honey, this is actually a pretty solid product.  Not overly sweet and not overly sour, it it hits the middle of the road on both, while retaining a slight hint of both as well.  This is a flavor that I'd recommend to anyone, because I don't think you'd be displeased after eating it if you a fan of honey, Greek yogurt or both.


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  1. I tried this one and thought it was kind of weird... the "honey" had a taste and consistency that was more "honey-flavored jelly" than actual honey. And I noticed the "cheesy" flavor that you described as well.

    It wasn't awful, but I probably wouldn't buy it again. I've come to expect better from Stonyfield, and there are plenty of other (and better) yogurt options out there.


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