Monday, April 16, 2012

Review: Muscle Milk Cookies 'N Creme Protein Nutrition Shake

Via this blog, I've eaten more protein bars than I could ever imagine and frankly, I'm starting to get sick of them.  I've had several to review in my refrigerator for quite a while now, but I have little to no motivation to eat any of them.  One thing I haven't spent a lot of time reviewing is protein shakes (I've only done one drink review), so that leads me to this review of the Muscle Milk Cookies 'N Creme Protein Nutrition Shake.  I picked this for free via a coupon at Thornton's Fuel Center, so I don't know what the price was exactly, but I believe it was in the $3.00 range.  This one comes in at fourteen ounces and 220 calories with a whopping 25 grams of protein.

When I started to open this up and pour it out into the shot glass for the picture, I expected this to look like a glass of milk after you dunk an Oreo cookie in it.  What I mean by that is that I expected there to be milk (or faux milk, I guess, since the packaging says that this contains no milk) with cookie bits spread everywhere and based on what the picture on the front of the bottle looked like, I didn't think I was that far off.  Instead, what I got was plain, slightly off-white colored faux milk, albeit thicker than usual milk and that's it.  Being that this is a "shake", one would expect it to be thicker, but outside of that, there was nothing additional going on here.

One thing I've always had a fear of with these shakes is that they have a shelf life of seemingly forever (this one had a life of about ten months from when I actually purchased it) and you wouldn't think that something that is classified as "milk" would last that long, but as I've said here many times before, I'm not a scientist, so I dove in and took a gulp of the Muscle Milk out of the shot glass and frankly, I was surprised by what I got. This did taste like a soft, milky shake with a hint of cookies and cream.  Basically, it was what I imagined it to be as it did taste like a glass of milk after you had dunked Oreo cookies in it.  The only thing missing was the cookie bits that add that grainy texture as it slides down your throat, but the fact that was missing was not a good deal.  This was cool, refreshing and honestly, I liked it.

Buy It or Fly By It?  As I said, I liked this one, so I have to give it a BUY IT rating.  It tasted good, did a fine job of representing what it intended to represent and it has got a whopping amount of protein.  With that, it's a nice substitute/alternative for the endless protein bars that I've eaten and reviewed on this blog.  I've got a couple more of these in my refrigerator to drink and review and after tasting this one, I can honestly say I'm not fearing it anymore.  It may take a while for me to get to them, but the good news is that since these things have a shelf life that lasts an eternity, I've got plenty of time to get to them.



  1. do you lift/ workout? I see you consume a lot of protein bars/RTD meal replacements. curious because I found your blog via forums. We're a bunch of foodies over there lol.

    1. I do lift/workout quite a bit (seven days a week). Well, I lift three times a week, but mostly only for fitness and not for huge muscle gains. I do primarily cardio exercise (i.e. Elliptical machine).


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