Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review: Quaker Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola Bar

Today is National Peanut Butter Lover's Day, so it's only fitting to celebrate with a peanut butter treat!  After my first Quaker Chewy review of the Peanut Butter Granola bar, Quaker Chewy itself found my stunningly found my review and I was stunned that they posted on my Twitter feed (I didn't link reviews then like I do now).  They said that if I loved the Peanut Butter bar, I would really love the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip barMy reply said that I had eaten before and would review it in the future, so here we go!  This bar is the standard sized 0.84 ounce bar and contains 100 calories.  Like all of these, I picked it up in a 48 count variety pack, so I can't really attach an individual unit price.

As you can see (not sure how the lighting changed from the first picture to the second picture; goofy iPhone), this is the standard sized Chewy bar with the peanut butter flavoring mixed into the granola mix.  Then good sized chocolate and peanut butter chips are then mixed in with the granola to form the entire combination.  Outside of that there's not really much to say.  If you've seen one of these bars, you've seen them all.

As with the Peanut Butter granola bar, the peanut butter flavoring is strong and being that I love peanut butr, I do love that.  I also love chocolate, so having the strong peanut butter chips mixed with the good sized chocolate chips is a nice and tasty combination.  Honestly and I hate to say this because I think the peanut butter and chocolate combination, while awesome, has start to to become overrated, but I honestly believe that it works like heaven with this bar.  I freaking love this thing.  I hate to say that this is my favorite flavor since I love Oatmeal Raisin so much, but this one is a very close second.

Buy It or Fly Buy It?  Obviously BUY IT.  What is nice about these bars and different from some Chewy bars is that you can buy these in individual packages of ten and I have been known to do so.  Depending on the store and the sale, you can find those boxes of ten for anywhere from $2.00-$3.50.  So, whether you buy this one by itself or as a combo pack, remember this:  you will not regret it.


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