Friday, March 23, 2012

Review: Magnum Double Caramel Ice Cream Bar

I've had positive experiences with the ballyhooed Magnum bars that I've reviewed on this blog.  Since I had such positive experiences with the first two bars, I was anxious to try out the Double Caramel bar and see how it stacked up against the White Chocolate and Almond bars that I had already tried out.  Caramel and chocolate are a wonderful flavor combination, so I was very eager to try this out.  I picked up a three pack of these bars at Meijer on sale for $3.00.  Each bar weighs 3.38 ounces and has 320 calories of sinfulness.

Unwrapping the typical gold Magnum bar wrapper, this bar looked no different than any other ice cream bar coated in chocolate.  Once I bit into it though, you could see the difference between this bar and what makes this a Double Caramel bar.  The exterior is the aforementioned chocolate layer with a caramel layer inside of that with another chocolate layer inside of that and then another caramel layer inside of that followed by the vanilla ice cream interior.  Wow, that was a long sentence.  I think I might have just confused myself writing it.  Point of the entire thing being...there's a lot of chocolate and a lot of caramel in that bar and based on visual appearance alone, that is drool worthy.

The taste is drool worthy as well because this bar is everything you could ever hope for and more.  The chocolate is thick and rich and the caramel is also thick and rich as well, with an added kick of sweetness.  The ice cream has its typical strong vanilla flavor and when you mix that nice, cooling vanilla ice cream kick with the thickness of the richness of the caramel and the chocolate, you end up with a truly decadent and entirely sinful treat.  It's no surprise that this one packs an astounding 320 calories because it is so sweet, rich and creamy that it screams unhealthy.  As any dessert lover knows though, sometimes unhealthy means that it tastes so good.

Buy It or Fly By It?  If you've got an extra calorie or two or 320 to spare, definitely BUY IT.  Even if you don't have a few calories to spare, buy it anyway.  This is decadence and sinfulness at its best.  I never thought I'd find a Magnum bar (so far) that I liked more than the White Chocolate bar, but this one might just be it.  Now, time to go hop on the elliptical machine for about three hours after this one...



  1. Considering it can take 15+ mins to enjoy one of these things, what are 320 calories? I prefer the Double Chocolate Ones, but these are great. Only problem is the price.

    1. I agree. If these aren't on sale, they can get pretty steep. Still, it's worth it though because most of these bars are just a dream.

      Everyone raves about the double chocolate one and I've yet to have it. I guess I know which one I'll be buying next time they go on sale!

    2. By the way, fifteen minutes?! LOL, I have mine down in about fifteen seconds.

    3. Considering it's impossible for me to describe how I enjoy these without someone accusing me of a highly erotic metaphor, let's just say I encourage you to work through the layers of the Double Chocolate like you would a fine cigar.

      Really though, ever since I've started working at a Rita's, I can't justify spending money on ice cream. It's a double edged sword I guess.

  2. I agree with Adam, while these are good, they're no where near as good as the double chocolate ones.

  3. Yum, yes the double caramel ones are great..Magnum Gold is also really good if you get them out in the US ever.

  4. I was very disappointed in this ice cream bar can't taste the caramel which is what I love for the overpowering chocoate on it grrrrr wasted my money!!


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