Monday, March 26, 2012

Review: Gorton's Grilled Tilapia Roasted Garlic & Butter Fillets

For someone who has not liked fish for most of their life, I've got to admit that I'm starting to like these Gorton's products.  I've had more hits than misses and I had a big hit on my last Grilled Tilapia review, so I was anxious to try out another variation of Gorton's frozen seafood (and tilapia) products with these Grilled Tilapia Roasted Garlic & Butter fillets.  As you can tell, this is the same product as last time, except they are using a different preparation method as the fillets are coated with butter and roasted garlic.  I picked this up on sale at Meijer for $3.99 and each box includes two 3.1 ounce fillets.  Each fillet comes in at 80 calories and has fourteen grams of protein.

As with all my Gorton's reviews, I'll first start with what the fillets look, smell and feel like straight out of the box and that is the picture above.  I've got the fillets showing one side or the other and as you can see, there is a strong coating of butter, garlic powder and herbs all over each fillet.  The butter is lathered on so thick that it was the first thing I smelled when I took these out of the box.  The garlic and fishy smell came later, but butter was definitely the star of the frozen fillet prior to me putting it in the oven.  The butter also made these quite oily to the touch as well.

Once I cooked these in the oven for the prescribed amount on the box, I got what you see above (again, showing each side of the fillet) and the first thing I noticed when I took these out of the oven was that the strong butter smell had been replaced by a strong fishy smell.  Being that the fishy smell is one of the things that kept me from eating fish for a long time, I wasn't exactly anxious to dive into this and was fully prepared to throw these away if I didn't like them within my first two bites.  Thankfully, I didn't need to throw them away, because while they may have smelled fishy, they certainly did not taste overwhelmingly fishy.  I clearly knew I was eating fish, but it was a mild fish flavor and when it mixed with the butter and garlic, it was a very pleasant taste.  If I had to rank them, which I guess I do since that's the purpose of this blog, the predominant flavor in these fillets was the butter flavor and the garlic flavor was just a supporting flavor.  The butter, despite being piled on thick, was not a strong flavor and in fact, I was completely surprised by how light these fillets tasted despite the fact that they were completely covered in butter.  I very much appreciated that and when the added kick of the garlic and herbs was added in, these fillets were really good.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I've got to give this one a definite BUY IT rating.  In fact, of the two tilapia products I've had so far from Gorton's, this one is definitely my favorite.  I've got to give kudos to the Gorton fisherman for his tilapia fishing skills, because he does a good job with these.  If he can catch stuff as good as this on a regular basis, I need to go out fishing with him sometime, because I can't catch anything.  Another positive about this and the previous grilled tilapia review is that I can finally add a second fish to the list of fish that I actually like (cod being the other, but that is fried when I eat it).  I may just turn out to be a grown-up that can eat fish and seafood after all!



  1. I tried these and they were SO salty I couldn't stand more than two bites. The fishy smell stunk up my whole apartment too! Perhaps I got a bad batch.

  2. I like these Tilapia products. I just made a cold salad with their grilled talapia, 2 in a box also. I followed the microwave directions, then stuck them in freezer to flash cool them. Chopped up sweet pickles, onion and just a tad of mayo. Really good. My guest was impressed, and he doesnt like fish either!


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