Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review: CLIF Carrot Cake Energy Bar

Continuing the theme of the week, CLIF seemingly has an infinite amount of varieties of their original (and 70% organic) CLIF Bar product line and being the comprehensive sort of fellow that I am, it was time to try out the Carrot Cake flavor of their original product line.  This one is a healthy sized bar clocking in at 2.4 ounces with 240 calories and nine grams of protein.  It's not a high protein I picked this one up at Meijer for $1.09.

Taking a look at this one, the first thing that you notice is the sheer size of the carrot pieces in the carrot cake mix of the bar.  Also in the mix are raisins, coconut and white chocolate.  Since this is such a sizeable bar, all these these ingredients are plentiful as they are mixed in with the standard oat mix of a CLIF Bar.  All in all, it actually does look like a real carrot cake, so as CLIF usually does, they definitely pass the looks test.

After my first bite, my thought was "wow, this really has a strong orange flavor."  Outside of that, I could barely taste anything else unless I concentrated and specifically tried to find a flavor.  Once I did start concentrating though, I could definitely taste the soft chewy raisins and the sweet white chocolate pieces in the mix.  Also, the longer I chewed the more nutmeg I tasted.  Being that I don't like nutmeg, this was not appealing to me, although the nutmeg flavor was so faint that it wasn't all that bothersome.  The one thing I didn't taste though and I had to check the ingredients to make sure it was there was the actual coconut.  It was undetectable and subsequently disappointing because as I've gotten older, I've developed a liking for coconut.  Still, while that was a letdown, it wasn't a huge letdown because this the carrot cake flavors mixed with the rolled oat mix still tasted enough like a real carrot cake, minus the softness of an actual cake, for this bar to be a success.

Buy It or Fly By It?  If you like carrot cake, BUY IT.  It's a nice little treat and provides a quick hit of that carrot cake taste without the guilt of eating an actual piece of carrot cake.  This one's another success for CLIF.



  1. I totally hated this flavor. D: And I love carrot cake!

  2. I love this flavour. Love it. I wanted a review of the white choc macadamia nut, but the CLif bar not the other type of Clif bar. Great reviews for this flavour ( carrot) and the coconut choc chip, which I will now not get. You have the same likings as I do for coconut- hated it til recently and really like it in some things now. But you're speaking as I would- a tentative coconut taster, not a die hard fan. So, thanks!


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