Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review: Walden Farms Caramel Dip

The new year is upon us and everyone is always looking for ways to cut calories.  I'm no different as I put on a few pounds over the holidays and I am none too pleased about it.  That leads me to pick up again in the continuing Walden Farms journey, we are now led to Walden Farms Caramel Dip.  As I've stated in previous reviews, I love caramel flavoring so picking this one up at Kroger for $3.49 was just what the doctor (me) asked for!  By the way, I've recently found quite a few deals on these Walden Farms products on (via, so if you can't find these products in your store or want to see if you can beat that price, check it out.

Texturally, I would compare this to a slightly stiffer version of pudding.  It's not so thick that it's not going to break up when you stir it, but it is thick enough that it retains its consistency when you dip fruit or some sort of snack into it.  It does have an odd, non-caramel like smell to it, which is odd, but it shouldn't be enough to scare you off.  Well, it wasn't enough to scare me off, but I'm a minimally paid reviewer!

The flavor is a bit confusing on this one.  It's not quite caramel, but it's close.  Actually, I think it is a stronger version of caramel and while that is odd, it is still okay.  What makes this dip even stranger is that when you compare the flavoring of this dip to Walden Farms' caramel syrup, they are drastically different as is the color (this is much darker than the syrup).  You'd think that they'd use the same base and then just tweak it to thicken it to dip consistency, but it seems like they started from scratch on this one and ended up with something entirely different.  If I was to compare the dip and syrup to real caramel, I would say that they syrup has a faint caramel flavoring and the dip has a flavor that is stronger than real caramel.  It's just weird.  Don't get me wrong though, despite the flavor being unexpected, it's still appetizing.  It's just something that you want to eat in moderation so that you don't overkill it.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Personally, despite my tepid review, I still would say BUY IT, especially if you like Caramel.  You may not like it yourself, but it is at least worth a try to find out.  You just need to expect to find something that is not quite what you expected.



  1. Although we aren't able to do it on our website, at our retail location we always let people sample the Walden Farms items before purchasing because they are so...."unique." If you like the taste though, they are a dieters dream come true.

    1. Could not agree more. Some of them are just plain awful, but if you can find one that you like, or can at least tolerate, it's a good thing for your diet. That's what I'm hoping to help people do by trying this stuff out in advance in case they aren't able to get into a retail location that allows them to try things. Tastes are different, but I can at least give an indication of whether something is worth trying or not.


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