Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: PowerBar Triple Threat Energy Chocolate Caramel Fusion Bar

I usually stay away from these hardcore energy bars and stick mainly to bars that sell their protein or nutrition.  As always though, I want this blog to be comprehensive, so I have reviewed PowerBar products before and that continuing quest leads me to this PowerBar Triple Threat Energy Chocolate Caramel Fusion Bar.  I picked this baby up at Kroger on sale for $1.00 and it weighs in at a reasonable 1.94 ounces.  It contains 230 calories and 10 grams of protein, so not only does it have energy, it also has a bit of protein as well.  One thing to note is that PowerBar notes on the packaging that you should use this in stage one or stage two of exercising, which basically means you can eat it before or during moderate intensity exercising.  The packaging also professes that this is the energy bar that tastes like a candy bar.  Well, we'll see about that because that is what Crazy Food Dude is here to do!

I'll admit that when you look at the picture of the bar on the packaging of this one, it does look really appetizing.  So, when I tore the wrapper off and broke the bar in half, I was kind of disappointed.  In the packaging there were a bunch of peanuts and a plentiful amount of caramel.  In real life, there were sporadic peanuts (none visible in the picture; they were obstructed by chocolate coating) and there was only a thin layer of caramel.  Boo!  Outside of that, this bar has a chocolate protein/energy base topped by that thin layer of caramel and that layer is then topped by intermittent peanut and rice crisp pieces.  This entire package is then surrounded by a surprisingly thick layer of chocolate coating.

Biting into this, the first thing I noticed was that the chocolate in this has a very odd taste.  In fact, it has an almost rum like aftertaste.  Being that I'm not the world's biggest lover of rum, I found this a bit unsettling.  Still, it wasn't bad though.  Outside of that, there was nothing really earth shattering about this bar.  The peanuts and rice crisps added a nice crunch when you encountered them and the chocolate interior was chewy, ALMOST like a candy bar.  As for the caramel, well, I didn't taste it at all.  What a let down.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Tough call, but I've got to say FLY BY IT in this instance.  This bar had so much promise that it didn't deliver on and for that reason, you should stay away from this bar.  That said, PowerBar did almost make this just like a regular candy bar, but ultimately they failed.  Nice try though.



  1. I use to eat this bar often s my go to energy bar befor racing. I disagree with the review because I belive it is very good tasting in terms of an energy bar (not in comparison to a candy bar). In my personal opinion this is definatly a buy it product if you want a good energy bar that does not leave you feeling weighed down.

    1. Hunter, thanks for the comment and that's the beauty of a food review blog. What is good to someone might be bad to others. Tastes differ and that's what makes it fun!

  2. this review has no substance. your decision to 'fly passed it' is because it has no taste, or too much taste of a candy bar... ?

    idkwtf youre saying; where is the reasoning? put more effort in your review dooode.


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