Monday, January 30, 2012

Review: Balance Bar Cafe Cinnamon Bun Bar

Balance has its traditional nutrition bars and also has a new line of these Cafe bars.  In my continuing quest to add content to this site by adding to my prior Balance Bar reviews, I figured it was time to try out one of the Cafe flavors, Cinnamon Bun.  I love cinnamon buns and if you can put this in a bar, then well, I have to try it!  This one clocks in at a respectable 1.76 ounces with 200 calories and fourteen grams of protein.  I picked it up at Meijer for $1.09.

As you can see, they did a pretty decent job of making this one look like a regular cinnamon roll.  It has a white icing base, a solid "cinnamon bun" base layer resembling a Rice Krispie treat (doesn't it seem like a lot of them are like that?) that crumbles quite easily and then is topped by swirls of vanilla "frosting" and white "frosting" chunks.  It also smells exactly like a cinnamon bun, so based on outward appearance, this one is already off to a great start.

After a wonderful start in sight and smell, this one also hits the mark in taste as well because it tastes just like a cinnamon bun as well.  While it isn't soft as a doughy cinnamon bun, as you would expect since it is a bar, its taste is still so solid that it carries the day.  It's sweet, has a strong cinnamon flavor and has that homey quality of a regular cinnamon bun straight out of the oven.  The white vanilla icing/frosting also provides a nice sweet complement to the homey and sweet cinnamon flavor.  The frosting chunks provide a nice little burst of extra sweetness as well, so when you bundle this thing together, you are getting an explosion of sweetness.

Buy It or Fly By It?  Absolutely BUY IT without question.  This one is a home run in every aspect and if you like cinnamon buns and want to eat something similar without experiencing the caloric bomb that is a normal cinnamon bun, then go for this one and you will not be disappointed.



  1. how do you feel about the ingredients?

  2. Replies
    1. I see, I was just wondering if you factored that in to your rating.

    2. I don't really ever factor those into my ratings. I find the chemicals/science in all these products to be more amusing than anything. For the purposes of my reviews, I try to concern myself more with taste instead of what does/does not constitute how the product is produced.

  3. I've never had any type of protein bar so I'm not sure if you can do this or not.. but I was wondering; have you tried warming it up in the microwave for a few seconds? It might enhance the cinnamon roll (I grew up with cinnamon rolls; to me there's no such thing as a cinnamon bun lol) flavor.

    1. Good idea and I may have to try that next time, although I would fear that the microwave would melt the outer icing to the point that it would not be able to be handled. Could be an experiment for later though!

  4. I am tempted to deep fry one of these.


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