Friday, December 9, 2011

Review: Atkins Day Break Cherry Pecan Bar

For those of you that don't know, Atkins of Dr. Atkins fame has a daily diet plan where they plan out all your meals/snacks for the day.  One of those lines is the "Day Break" line.  I signed up for a coupon list a while back and got a coupon for Atkins Day Break bars and when I saw them on sale at Meier for a box of five for $5.50 (plus my $1.00 coupon), I had to make the leap and give them a shot.  Each of these Atkins Day Break Cherry Pecan bars is 160 calories and 1.2 ounces.

As you can see this looks a lot like a Nature Valley Fruit and Nut bar as it is a nut mix, including pecans obviously, along with almonds and roasted cashews.  Being that pecans are in the name of the bar, they take the center stage in the nut mix as you'd expect.  The nut mix is then spread intermittently with small cherry pieces for a delightful little fruit and nut mix.  One thing that this bar also has in common with the aforementioned Fruit & Nut bar is that it also has quite a sticky exterior.

In terms of taste, this one is very crunchy and I LOVE that since I love crunch.  The pecans take center stage and they are quite noticeable.  Being that pecans are one of the nuts that I love, I very much appreciated that.  They cherry's are also soft and tart, almost like Craisins that you would get at the store.  As a Craisin lover, anything that reminds me of those is a good thing.  All in all, this bar is a great mix of crunch and sweet.

Buy It or Fly By It?  If cost is not an object or if you have a coupon, definitely BUY IT on taste alone.  If you feel it is too pricey, then stay way.  These bars aren't cheap, but they are quite good and provide a nice way to kick off your day (or jumpstart a midafternoon lull) with a low calorie boost.


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