Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Chobani Black Cherry 0% Greek Yogurt

Full disclosure:  I have had Greek Yogurt before (I believe it was Dannon) and was not a huge fan.  But, I was I saw this Chobani 0% Greek Yogurt on sale at Meijer for $1.00, so I was willing to give it another shot hoping that my prior feelings about Greek yogurt would not impact my review.  This yogurt cup was Black Cherry flavor and weighed in at six ounces with 140 calories.  Also, since this is Greek yogurt, it has NO fat (thus the 0% in the name) and is loaded with protein at fourteen grams for the cup.  Considering there are some specialized protein bars that have that much and this essentially comes to that number naturally, it's a protein dense food.

As you can see from the photo, this yogurt is quite creamy and thick, as you would expect from any Greek yogurt.  Since this was made with the fruit on the bottom, I tried to stir some of the black cherries up to the top.  Sadly, I was not all that successful, but not because of something I did.  The fact is, there just were not a lot of cherries on the bottom and the ones that were there were small.  Based on the composition of this, I did not like where this one was heading.

After my first spoonful, my disappointments in the composition of this were amplified by the taste.  Greek yogurts are tart, somewhat sour tasting and creamy and I certainly acknowledge that fact, but it's just not for me.  Honestly, if felt like I was eating sludge.  Now, I could teal with the tartness if there was a sweetness of black cherry flavor to counteract that, but I did not really taste any black cherries at all and that was extremely disappointing.  It wasn't for lack of trying either because I tried to get as many cherries as I could with each spoonful, but the fact was that there were so few of them and what few of them there were didn't taste like anything.  What a disappointment.

Buy It or Fly Buy It?  I'm definitely going to FLY BY IT.  Greek yogurt may be for some people and it is quite healthy, but it's not for me...well at least this Black Cherry flavor is not for me.  I have another one from my purchase to review (for $1.00, I HAD to buy two of them to sample), so we'll see if that one gets any better results.



  1. Haven't tried the black cherry....but the fruit on the bottom pineapple is great. It has good size chunks of pineapple and syrup to make each bite very tasty....give it a shot!

  2. @Anonymous: Had a different flavor of these (review will be coming in future, so stay tuned) and that one was definitely different than this one. As for the pineapple, that is definitely one I will not try (do not like pineapple at all) but glad to hear it is good.

  3. Had this not too long ago and while I really wanted to like it, it just wasn't for me. Didn't like the mouth-feel of it and the taste wasn't what I was looking for.

  4. You're not supposed to mix it. The Fage stuff is better anyway.


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