Monday, November 5, 2018

Red Copper Pan - How Difference of Sizes Matter in Cooking

The old Latin saying goes, "A hungry man finds no fault in the cooking." Quite brilliant! Isn't it? But those who may have had to deal with those messy sauces and pastries in the kitchen sink might think again before affirming to the old adage. From the well-seasoned chef in a high-end restaurant to the regular home cook, everyone would agree to the fact that making the right choice of utensils at the onset of a cooking expedition goes a long way in making the process a lot easier and fun.

After all, no one really wants to have a torturous experience in the kitchen, no matter how appetizing and beautiful the dish becomes afterward. For this reason, kitchens are increasingly getting rid of every piece of utensils that seems to make work harder, replacing them with new models and makes that are more convenient to use.

Kitchen appliances with copper coatings are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Topping this list, of course, is the highly lauded group of red copper pans. Various users have had different experiences with these pans consequently resulting in conflicted reviews. For those who perhaps haven't had an experience with this specific type of pan, here are some few things one may need to know before making up one's mind on whether or not to get one into his/her shelf:

First, they come in different sizes and models- This is one of the best things with these unique copper pans, especially to someone desiring a total overhaul of the kitchen gadgets. The good news is that the pans come in one set, which means that one definitely pays less than if they were to be charged on a pan to pan basis. The set includes the following:

1. The Red copper skillet

This is among the largest pans in the package. It can comfortably hold food enough to feed averagely 6-8 people. Its handle is very comfortable to hold and is user-friendly. It comes fully set with a transparent glass lid.

2. The Inch Fry Pan

This is more popular with small households because it is more compact. It is suitable for making dishes that are considered messier like sauces. It gives the cook a sense of control and limits splashes and spillage. It also comes with a functional lid.

3. The 1.5 Quart Sauce Pot

This pan is unique in that it is much deeper than the previous pans. It is ideal for sauces and soups. Its lid ensures the preservation of flavor and taste as the food simmers.

4. The 10-inch sauce pot

This is the medium size in the set and is more versatile to use. It has a rather shallow and flat bottom that makes it usable as an open pan or a soup pot, depending on one's needs.

5. 2.5 Quart Sauce Pot

This is the largest piece in the set. It is suitable for cooking large amounts of soups or sauces. The most remarkable feature it has is that it is made to endure temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius. This means that one can use it as an oven pan too.

6. The aluminum steamer tray

This piece is more of an accessory to the 2.5-quart sauce pot. It can be easily fitted onto the top of a cooking pot to steam vegetables. This saves one time and fuel. Apart from that, it can serve as a pasta strainer. Since it is made from aluminum, it is also quite easy to clean.

7. Red Copper Square Pan

This would be described as a Jacklyn of all trades. It has the following unique features :

  • It's very large and deep and can cook a lot of food.
  • It's very simple and easy to use.
  • Can withstand high temperatures in the oven (up to 500 degrees Celsius).
  • It has a double coat making it ideal for cooking foods with long cook time.
  • It has a nice flat bottom making it fit for fries as well.
  • It has additional accessories: a steam tray, deep frying mesh, a cookbook and a lid.

This said, most users find the cookbook to be of little use because the recipes are just too simple.

8. The 12 Inch Pan with Handle

This pan has all the advantages of the above pieces plus quite a lot more. It comes with two handles that make it easy to lift. Since it is large, it can cook a lot of food as well. Unlike the other pans in the set, it is made of a mix of ceramic and copper, which adds a sense of class to its functionality.

9. Double Coated Flip - Wich

It is the last piece of the set. It is designed in such a way that food is placed in between the two of its non-stick surfaces, locked up in there and placed in the heating source. This way, the food gets cooked evenly from both sides. It is a welcome piece of utensils for sandwich lovers.

One common characteristic of all these pans is their non- stick component. Whatever the recipe or cooking method is, one should be able to simply wipe clean the pans after use. One does not need a lot of time to clean them.

No matter what types of copper coated non - stick pan one chooses to use, it is always important to follow the manufacturer's manual. As a rule, every cook must put each pan to its specific use. A pan with copper coating must never be exposed to extreme heat above what is specified. This would weaken the coat and make it peel off too soon. Any single scratch on the copper surface may also render the pan useless because it will soon begin to stick. For this reason, they should not be scrubbed hard during cleaning. A simple wipe with clean water and soap is usually enough. Finally, a prospective buyer shouldn't believe too much in the Commercial adverts that paint red copper pans as flawless. A mere fact that a pan is coated with copper doesn't make it perfect. Before one gives out cash in exchange for any of the pans, it would be safe to conduct a proper window shopping and settle on a set from the best manufacturer in town.

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