Friday, June 15, 2018

3 Weight Loss Diets That Allow You to Enjoy Tasty Foods

Do you think that weight loss diets are all about excluding all the delicious foods and limiting yourself? If yes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn how ketogenic, volumetric, and a few other diet plans help you lose weight without saying ‘no’ to delicious foods. These plans differ quite a bit, so you should be able to find something that will work best for you personally.

Top 3 Weight Loss Diets That Can Be Delicious

1.     Volumetrics Diet

According to US Health News, the Volumetrics diet is number two in the Best Weight Loss Diets rating. It’s also in the top five as the Best Diet Overall, Best Diet for Healthy Eating, and Best Fast Weight Loss Diet.

This meal plan focuses on reducing your hunger by eating more volume of low-calorie foods. As those foods are healthy choices, like veggies and fruits, this diet boosts your wellbeing overall. Due to the ‘driving principle’ of Volumetrics, you don’t have to restrict any food groups, so you can enjoy a variety of tasty meals. You just need to make sure that you consume more of certain foods overall.

Bear in mind that excluding options that are unhealthy by default, like processed products and junk food, is a must no matter what weight loss diet you choose.

2.     Ketogenic Diet

If you want to not only lose weight fast but also improve your overall wellbeing and even lifespan, consider a ketogenic diet meal plan. There are many types of such plans, but all of them are some varieties of intermittent fasting.

Research from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health published last year proved that this type of fasting can literally extend human lifespan. Its efficiency for rapid and consistent weight loss has also been proven beyond any doubt. However, the main reason why fasting is included in the list of best weight loss diets that allow you to enjoy tasty foods is that this diet gives you carte blanche on eating your fill when you actually do eat. This means that cake you’ve been dreaming about is a go.

Intermittent fasting plans vary from going 8-12 hours without food to having low-calorie days and eating as you always do every other day. Some people can progress to going a day without food completely, but this isn’t necessary for the diet to be effective.

Due to such versatility of options, it’ll be easy to find something that works well for you personally. But don’t forget that with fasting of any kid, you should start slow so your body can get used to its new regime. You should also ensure your meals contain all essential nutrients.

3.     Mediterranean Diet

The leader among healthy diet, the Mediterranean diet plan is the best choice for you if you want to not only lose weight but also make your heart healthier. It’s also the best diet for diabetes and one of the easiest diets to follow. The latter is, no doubt, because the Mediterranean cuisine is delicious. The main principles of this plan include eating more fish and white meat over red meat and getting healthy fats from nuts and seeds.

Mediterranean diet will have you choose olive oil as your main seasoning with herbs for flavor. You will also need to pick whole grains, legumes, and nuts as your main sources of energy. Fresh fruits and vegetables are welcome in this meal plan and so are low-fat dairy and eggs. Consuming fish or seafood at least twice a week is a must.

While this option might not be the most efficient of weight loss diets, it’s very good for helping you to maintain your weight. You can switch to it once you achieve your goals or use it as a ‘break’ between periods of more restrictive ketogenic diet plans.

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