Wednesday, February 7, 2018

All You Need to Know in East End Incubator Kitchens

If you just graduated from culinary school and you need a place that you can showcase your cooking skills and delicacies then East End Incubator Kitchens is the right place to hire. This is a 4th street market kitchen that is equipped with different kitchen spaces for rental. The site gives opportunities for different chefs to rent and sell their foods to the potential customers.

The kitchen features personal caterers and chefs who specialize in making small-scale meals to feed a small number of people. The East End Incubator Kitchen is partitioned into six units which are divided according to the culinary prepared. Two of the units are solely designed for making gluten-free meals and one for conventionally works.

Unique features of East End Incubator Kitchen:

Private Units

To ensure that every chef has their privacy and does not get distracted by others, the units are fully partitioned to the top and are self-contained. Therefore, no other chef can access your cube.

Freedom of Rental

You can rent the kitchen incubator as long as you want. For example, if you want to see people’s reaction to your menu, you can opt to hire the incubator for an hour. If you don't have enough capital to start your restaurant, you can choose to hire the unit for a month or more than a month. Therefore there is no rental time limit with East End Incubator Kitchen.

Easy Viewing by Customers

The commercial units are designed in a way that the customers can quickly view your food. This is possible through the equipped public viewing windows.

Other Accessories

East End Incubator Commercial Kitchens have 8000 square feet basement which consists of various compartments for storing all the cooking ingredients. The basement has access to dry storage, packaging and labeling room, and also the cold storage space.

Requirements to Become a User

Any artisan who would like to use the commercial incubators has to provide various affirmation documents such as liability insurance, production steps, security deposit which is refundable, certificates and product description. Note that you may also be asked to bring more additional documents later.

How to Get a Unit

The commercial incubator kitchen has an online system where they provide all the necessary means of communication for booking purposes.

How Do the Kitchen Units Operate?

The units are set to be operated on an hourly basis. The artisan is expected to take about 4 hours to prepare the meals; they are added about 5 hours for cleaning and signing out. Unless there is special request to add more hours, one is supposed to be done within the stipulated time. The kitchens are open all day long with peak hours being between 6 am to 10 pm while off-peak hours range from 10 pm to 6 am.

Get this golden opportunity of showcasing your culinary power by renting a unit at the East End Incubator Kitchen. The commercial kitchen gives all the aspiring chefs a chance to excel and market their cooking skills. There are all the necessary food preparing ingredients and equipment that you may require. Booking a space is easy via online and ensure that you book in advance to secure a place.

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