Monday, March 27, 2017

Review: Sun Basket Home Delivery

In the last two years, home food delivery services have been quite the craze online. Now I’m not talking about companies such as GrubHub or Seamless, but companies that actually send you raw ingredients to your front door. This is a pretty interesting concept, especially since why wouldn’t you just head over to your local supermarket to pick up said ingredients?

When I spent some time looking at the large competitors in the home food delivery industry such as Blue Apron, HelloFresh or Sun Basket it finally made sense to me. These companies don’t just promise a meal, they promise a healthy, and tasteful meal.

When you make an account with any of those companies, you will be shown a bunch of meals lined up for the next week. For each meal, you’re able to see how the food looks like when cooked, the nutrition facts behind your meal, and each meal’s recipe.

If you’re a vegetarian, or a vegan, or simply someone looking for a gluten free meal, there will always be an option available for you.

I spent some time reading reviews from customers, and it stuck out to me that people love the idea of receiving portioned ingredients by mail because they use all their ingredients in the meal. We’ve all been there when we go shopping, we buy a bunch, and then in a few weeks we end up cleaning out the fridge to only realize that half the stuff we purchased is now spoiled.

In terms of price, it’s safe to say that using a home food delivery service is a definite luxury. 
Typically, these competitors price their meals at $9-$12 each. When you end up selecting a meal from their websites, that meal is for 2 servings and will run for $18-$22. Yes, quite the premium as opposed to heading over the supermarket and preparing the meal yourself.

An obvious downside that I have found to utilizing such a service is that you’re somewhat forced to cook your meals ASAP, and you must order at least 3 meals at a time. If you’re simply looking to cook one meal a week from any of those companies, you’re out of luck, you need to purchase at least 3 meals. Depending on what your meal consists of, you’ll typically have to cook your meals within 4-5 days before some ingredients begin to spoil.

While doing my research, I did land on a review website known as ReviewingThis. Their website consists of reviews on various products across all industries and they also had a detailed review on Sun Basket.

Here’s one of the meals that they cooked up:

ReviewingThis gave Sun Basket a glowing review, and some of the points they made towards being a customer of Sun Basket did make sense. Even so, I do feel that only select individuals will benefit from such a service. If you’re someone who eats out multiple times a week, then using a company such as Sun Basket or Blue Apron as an alternative is a good idea. It does end up being cheaper, and you’re more informed as to what you’re putting inside your body. I did notice that Sun Basket states that all their ingredients are organic and that they donate over 1,000 pounds to a local food bank week, so that’s impressive.
Anyhow, I figured I would share my thoughts on the whole home food delivery service, I’m sure I’ve made it clear that there are pluses and minuses. By the way, I did notice that ReviewingThis shares a $35 off coupon on Sun Basket in their review, so it’s worth taking a look if you’re interesting in being a customer. 

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