Thursday, September 15, 2016

Reasons Why Foldable Bikes are the Best Mode of Transportation

Reasons Why Foldable Bikes are the Best Mode of Transportation
With most people clamoring for a ride on a hoverboard or electric scooter, bikes are often seen as oldschool or left behind technologically.  The need for portable, convenient, and reliable transportation, especially in inner cities, has never been greater.  Folding bikes have been around for a while, but they have always been seen as gimmicky or impractically due to their shortcomings.

Now, foldable bikes have emerged as lightweight, easy to fold, strong, and easy to ride alternatives to traditional bikes.  The foldable bike industry has exploded to more than 150 bikes on the market, each exceedingly efficient and distinct advantages over the old bikes.

Freedom with the Best Foldable Bikes

The big draw with these bikes is, of course, is the ability to carry your bike with you wherever you are permitted with a backpack.  This allows you to protect your investment, save time from never having to worry about how you’re going to lock it up and prevent anyone from stealing it.  Save space by being able to simple toss your bike in a closet or under a bed, for example. 

While foldable bikes are typically more expensive than standard bikes, they are worth the investment, not just because of their inherent values mentioned above, but also their ability to retain value and are easily resalable, if you were to ever find yourself to stop using it for whatever reason.

A Bike for Everyone

Thanks to the growing popularity of these bikes, there are now a lot more models to choose from for your specific needs and budget.  The highest-end foldable bike reviews tend to focus on the extremely lightweight frames that are capable of being carried around in a suitcase or backpack without much effort or loss in structural integrity.

If you’re looking for something at around the $400 range, expect the bike weight to be a bit closer to a standard lightweight mountain bike.  Still portable, but not quite something you’d want to carry around all day.  The biggest perks here are how easy it is to store and lock up a portable bike, considering that any would-be bike thief would be unable to simply remove a wheel, for example, if your foldable bike is locked through both frame and both wheels.

Easy Riders

What is often overlooked by most bike shoppers is the inherent advantages of having smaller wheels on a bike that is used for commuting.  The combination of a lightweight bike with smaller wheel circumference means peddling with much less effort.  As a matter of fact, at full stop, smaller wheels make for faster acceleration than a full-size mountain bike with less energy expended.  You might get passed-up at top speeds, but you will do just fine biking around the city, rarely breaking a sweat.  These bikes are also much easier to repair, as they are extremely streamlined and only require the minimal chain and tire maintenance.  Just make sure you don’t get cheap knock-off bikes and you’re golden.

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