Monday, February 1, 2016

Review: Blue Isle Mediterranean Blueberry Yogurt Spread

The free sample gravy train has been running pretty hard for me over the past couple of months and for me (and possibly the readers), that is a good thing.  It gives me a variety of different things to eat and also review.  Today's review is another product off of that free sample gravy train as I'm looking at this container of Blue Isle Mediterranean Blueberry Yogurt Spread.  Now, everyone is familiar with flavored cream cheese (well, almost everyone), so this is a spin on that with the spread being made from yogurt as opposed to cream cheese.  What's also unique about this is that Blue Isle advertises this as being able to be used in spreads, dips, smoothies (?!), replacements in recipes for mayo, etc.  It's a very versatile product.  A container of this is 8.0 ounces and within that container are eight servings, each measuring out to about two tablespoons.  Each serving packs in 60 calories and a gram of protein.

When I opened this up, the first thing I noticed was that this was exceptionally creamy and smooth and not at all stiff like a cream cheese, which is what I was thinking it would be like.  That was quite surprising to me.  After that, it had a faint hint of blueberry smell to go along with it's blue/purple coloring.  A final note about the texture of this is that I would consider it more of a Greek yogurt-style texture as opposed to the somewhat stiffer cream cheese-style spread.  Based on texture alone, I could totally see how Blue Isle says this can be used in a variety of different food vehicles.

In term of flavor...I've just got to admit it...this was DELICIOUS.  I might as well have been eating blueberry yogurt.  Honestly, for the purposes of this tasting, I pretty much did eat it like yogurt and didn't even bother to put it on anything else.  Spoon straight to mouth...that's how I rolled.  Nice blueberry flavor with a hint of sweet.  The creamy texture just made it even better.  Now, there was nothing more than blueberry flavor that tasted like creamy yogurt in here, but there really didn't need to be and I'm pretty sure that wasn't Blue Isle's intention.  They just wanted delicious blueberry flavor and they got it.

Buy It or Fly By It?  I'm not sure if I'll ever spread (or dip or mix or whatever) with this.  I'll just feverishly eat its deliciousness with a spoon straight out of the container because it was that damn good.  Yumminess earns a BUY IT rating for this Blue Isle product and now I'm quite curious to try out the other flavors that they so graciously sent to me as free samples (yep, there's more!).


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